Where Do They Fly

Asiana Airlines flies to over 50 cities in 16 countries, including 12 domestic routes inside South Korea and many international routes to nearly every major city in Asia, United States, Canada and many locations in Europe. Asiana does not currently offer flights to South America or Africa, and access to India is limited.


Passengers should check-in at least 90 minutes prior to departure on domestic flights and three hours prior to departure on international flights. Asiana Airlines provides online check-in for a speedier, more efficient departure process.


Weight allowances for checked bags are 23 kg (U.S.)/20kg all other routes for economy 32 kg (U.S.)/ 30kg all other routes for business class and 32kg (U.S.)/ 40kg all other routes for first class. Additional allowances are available for frequent flyers. Excess baggage rates vary by destination. Economy passengers are allowed one carryon less than 10kg (22lbs) or 115 cm with dimensions not to exceed 40x55x23 cm. First and business class passengers are allowed two carryon bags less than 10 kg (22 lbs) or 115cm with dimensions not to exceed 40x55x23 cm.

Child Fares

Children two years and under are charged 10% of the adult fare.

Senior Fares



One pet more than eight weeks old may be transported provided the pet is properly secured and accompanied by the required documents. Animals such as rats, turtles and goldfish may not be transported.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Large musical instruments, sporting equipment and bicycles may be transported as a special fare provided they meet special baggage guidelines.

In-Flight Service

In-flight services include boarding information, periodicals, snacks, meals, beverages, hot towels, in-flight music, shopping, movies, playing cards, and fax and satellite phones.

Air Miles

Asiana Club is the frequent flyer program offered to passengers.

Airline Food

Asiana Airlines serves Western, Janapanese, Chinese, and Korean Cuisine onboard its flights and the departure country's cuisine is part of the basic menu. In particular, "nutritious rice wrapped in", which is composed mainly of fresh vegetables and roast meat, introduces various formal Korean dishes to the in-flight meny, and is provided for some routes departing from Incheon. Various in-flight snacks are provided on each flight and champagne and a complete wine is also available on most flights. Environmentally friendly coffee produced by Rainforest Alliance, and various types of teas and juices are offered.

In-Flight Magazine

Asiana is the in-flight magazine offered to passengers

Airline Alliances

Asiana Airlines currently has air alliances with Star Alliance, Air China, China Eastern Air, China Southern Airlines, Qantas, and Turkish Airlines.

Contact Information

Reservations: 1 888 437 7718

Asiana Club: 1 800 227 4262

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