Oasis Hong Kong Airlines (IATA-O8, ICAO-OHK) started as a very promising low-cost airline based in Hong Kong International Airport, offering its long-haul flights to London and Vancouver. Since its foundation in February 2005, Oasis won several awards as "World's Leading New Airline," "Asia's Leading Budget/No Frills Airline," "New Airline of the Year," "Best New Service" and "Best Business Class Carrier." However, its promise and early achievements in aviation and service did not guarantee the airlines a good return on its investments. In 2008, to everyone's surprise, the airlines' CEO announced that Oasis would halt its operations after suffering severe financial losses.

Where Do They Fly

Oasis had been operating from Hong Kong International Airport to London Gatwick Airport and later on to Vancouver International Airport. The airline was meant to extend its international flights in other big cities around the world such as San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Milan, Chicago and New York. Unfortunately, the plan was not realized due to the financial predicament pointed out above.


Like any other traditional airlines, Oasis had also required its valued passengers the same time allowance for check-in, that is, at least three hours prior to the scheduled time of departure. Since the airline's announcement to cease its operations, needless to say, its online check-in is no longer in service. After checking-in, international passengers were requested to be at the boarding entrance at least 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.


Again, the regular requirements for carry-on items and check-in baggage had been applied for every passenger of Oasis. With that, passengers were once given the allowance of two carry-on bags that would not exceed to the usual 22 lbs weight limit and should not go beyond the 45 linear inches limit. Checked baggage allowance, on the other hand, should not go beyond the 50 lbs weight limit for economy class passengers, and 66 lbs checked baggage allowance for business class passengers. Corresponding fees for the excess were to be determined by the airline personnel.


With the airline's policy of being 30-50% cheaper than other airlines, special privileges were also extended for infants. Discounted fares for infants were offered as well as special seats for them that were arranged prior to the scheduled flight. The usual one infant for each adult passenger policy was applied. Strictly implemented, infants who were less than seven days old were not permitted to take the flight. Also important was the original copy of the infant's birth certificate, which had to be presented upon purchasing the tickets and checking-in for the flight. Infant seat devices were allowed such as strollers, infant carrying seats, car seats and bassinets, which were also considered as check-in baggage.


As implied above, though the Oasis Airlines introduced a new model of low-cost commercial flight services, its standard policy for its international passengers when it came to minors was the same. Passengers below 15 years old were considered minors and would not be allowed on the flights unless accompanied by an adult passenger. However, special minor services for those unaccompanied minors could be prearranged with the airline with its corresponding fees. Parents or guardians were also requested to negotiate with the airlines and provide needed information about the traveling minor.


Since Oasis Hong Kong Airlines had offered a long-haul flight to other countries, the airline was quite strict in inspecting the necessary health documents of pets, including the exit and entry permits. Pets such as dogs and cats had to be secured in a safe container for pets. The pay rates for pets were calculated and assessed as the fee of a baggage.

Frequent Flyer Program

Oasis Frequent Flyer Program is no longer in operation.

In-Flight Service

Oasis once took pride in its affordable flights and its top-notch in-flight services such as food and drinks as well as entertainment options. For the economy class, passengers were offered complimentary meals, soft drinks and snacks, and alcoholic drinks were available for order. They could enjoy some movies and music during the flights on a personal screen with 14 video channels and 12 audio channels. For the business class, free hot meals, soft drinks, snacks and alcoholic drinks were served. They could also watch the latest movies on their respective 16 video channels or listen to some music. Both classes were provided free pillows and blankets as well as headphones. Noise-canceling headphones and other amenities were also available for order.

Airline Magazines

Oasis' in-flight magazine is no longer in publication.

Airline Alliances

Oasis' air alliances have already been dissolved.

Contact Information

For general inquiries, including reservation, frequent flyer club, et cetera, customers can contact Oasis Service Center in Hong Kong at +852-3121-9840.
Their website is OASIS

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