Air Madrid was founded in 2003 in Spain. It suspended operations in December 2006. Its fleet was composed of eight planes of type Airbus, Bombardier. Air Madrid was a public company that proposed low cost flights. Its main hub was Aeroport International de Madrid-Barajas, in Madrid, Spain

Air Madrid's IATA code was NM, its ICAO code was DRD and its Callsign was Alada Air.

Where Do They Fly

Air Madrid Airlines offered international, regional and domestic destinations. Countries included Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the United States.

Destination Downtown served by the airline company Madrid included Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Barcelona, Bogota, Bucaresta(Romania), Buenos Aires and Cartagena.


Air Madrid Airlines offered online check-in for passengers who were not comfortable with lining up to check-in. This new feature allowed passengers to check-in comfortably at their homes or hotels.

Those who needed special services were expected to check-in personally at the airport. Passengers were advised to arrive at the airport early for all their needs and concerns to be addressed immediately. Check-in had to be done at least an hour before the flight departure for international passengers and at least 45 minutes before the flight departure for domestic passengers.


Each passenger was entitled to two checked bags that weighed at most 50 lbs. This baggage allowance did not apply to animals or pets being transported, sports equipment and mobility equipment such as bicycles. All passengers with excess baggage were asked to pay an additional fee of $100.

Excess bags were allowed according to availability of space or they were otherwise shipped via cargo. All carry-on baggage needed to fit the overhead compartment provided for passengers.


Infants were defined as babies who were at least eight days old to 23 months old that were in perfect health and were allowed for travel. Proper documents from an attending physician needed to be presented to prove that the child was allowed to travel. Infants who were traveling with a parent or guardian could travel for free, provided that the adult presented proper identification documents and proof of age. For guardians, authorization from the proper court should have been issued and the adult bringing the child needed to be least be 18 years old.


Air Madrid Airlines did not have an unaccompanied minor service. Children who were five to 14 years old were not allowed to travel without an accompanying adult. Parents or guardians of minors who were at least five to 16 years old needed to provide all the necessary information of the person collecting the child, including the name, surname, number and type of the identity card to ensure the safety of the child.


Although transportation of pets was allowed in the airline, there were a series of documentations and procedures that a passenger had to be able to comply with and follow. This applied for domestic and wild animals to be transported. For this reason, passengers with animals and pets needed to book arrangements with the airline in advance.

A passenger had to be responsible for the animal's documents needed by a pet animal to comply with country/city regulation on animals. The airline was not responsible for the pertinent documents that should have been brought for the animal's entry.

Frequent Flyer Program

Air Madrid was a program that was created to reward passengers who were loyal to the airline with free flights abroad or inside the country. Aside from this, members enjoyed a whole lot of benefits. Membership was easy and totally free .

In Flight Services

Passengers who flew with Air Madrid Airlines got to enjoy excellent customer service from friendly and dedicated flight attendants. Air Madrid provided comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. There were wide selections of evening meal choices that made one's flight even better. The airline pampered its passengers by giving the best cuisine and beverages. Entertainment was also available and passengers got to enjoy music and television.

Airline Magazines

Air Madrid Airlines did not have an airline magazine.

Air Alliances

Air Madrid Airlines was a former member of the Star Alliance.

Contact Information

For reservation inquiries and other concerns, Air Madrid had the following telephone numbers + 34 912016045 /+ 34 91 2016765, or they could have been contacted by fax at +34 916258445.

Their website had been www.airmadrid.com.

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