SkyEurope Airlines (IATA: NE, ICAO: ESK, Call sign: RELAX) has been dubbed the best low-cost airline in Eastern Europe, according to a 2008 survey conducted by Skytrax Research. The airline company was founded in 2001 and partly financed by EU funds. SkyEurope Airlines' headquarters is located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Where do they fly

SkyEurope Airlines flies to over 44 destinations in 17 countries all over Europe. These include flights to Nice and Paris in France, London and Manchester in England and many others. It also has some summer flights to Italy and Spain. SkyEurope Airlines' hubs are located in M. R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava, Slovakia; Ruzyne Airport in Prague, Czech Republic; and Vienna International Airport in Vienna, Austria.


SkyEurope only allows once piece of cabin baggage that does not exceed 22" X 16" X 8" in dimension. It must also be placed in the overhead locker. Passengers are also allowed up to five pieces of checked baggage with a combined weight of not more than 44 lbs. All checked baggage is subject to a per piece checked baggage fee.

In-Flight Services

The SkyEurope Delights menu offers its passengers different choices in snacks and beverages. To keep them entertained, they also offer its "Sky Present" service that allows passengers to shop during the flight. The SkyEurope magazine is also offered on board.

Air Alliances

As of now, SkyEurope does not belong to any air alliance. There have also been no rumors as to which alliances it is planning to join.

Contact Information

To book a flight, one may contact SkyEurope Airlines at +421 2 3301 7301 or fax at +421 2 4850 1000. To enjoy discounts as a frequent flyer, one may send an email to salessupport@skyeurope.com to get registered.

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