EgyptAir is the flag carrier for the Egyptian Republic. The airline has a hub in Cairo International Airport and operates both passenger and freight services to 80 destinations. It has a fleet of 59 aircraft for its passenger services and four aircraft for its cargo services. Its IATA code is MS; ICAO code is MSR and the planes respond to the call sign EgyptAir.

Where Do They FLy?

EgyptAir flies to ten destinations within Egypt covering all parts of the country. Its international destinations cover five countries in East Africa, five in North Africa, while it also has flights to South Africa and Western Africa. It covers China and Japan in East Asia, Malaysia and Thailand in Southeast Asia and India in South Asia. It flies to all Gulf countries, including Israel. It also covers a number of countries in Europe, as well as to the United States and Canada.


Check-in time for international flights are three hours before the scheduled time whereas for domestic flights it is two hours before departure time. Check-in is closed an hour before scheduled departure for international flights and 30 minutes before departure on domestic flights. EgyptAir does not have any facility for online check-in. Valid travel documents are required as well as vaccination certificates when you are travelling to certain countries. These details are best checked at the time of booking.


Baggage allowances vary from 20kg/44 lbs to 40 kg/88 lbs for the three classes of travel. Flights to the United States and Canada have slightly higher allowances. Infants have an allowance of 10 kg/22 lbs. Carry on baggage is restricted to 8 kg/17lbs. Excess baggage is charged at 1.5 percent of the normal adult fare per kilogram of extra weight. Where the piece rate concept applies, excess baggage is charged as per piece. Passengers travelling in a group can club their baggage to qualify for free and excess baggage provided they check-in at the same time. EgyptAir expects passengers carrying excess baggage to check-in well before the closure of the counter.

Traveling Infants

Carrycots are available for infants at the front of each cabin section. Passengers must request this bulkhead seat so that the carry cot can be easily positioned. These carry cots are free of any charge. Infants are required to be on the lap of their parents or guardians during take off and landing or if there is severe turbulence. Seat belts are provided for infants. EgyptAir discourages infants below seven days from travelling and requires that any infant requiring medical attention must be accompanied by a medical attendant, who may be a nurse or physician.


Children between the ages of six and 11 can travel as unaccompanied passengers without any additional charges. The necessary security form with the signature of the guardians or parents has to accompany each child. For children below six, escorts are a must and EgyptAir can provide these at an extra charge equal to the one way adult fare. EgyptAir prefers to accept unaccompanied minors only on non-stop flights where there is no stop over. Parents or guardians are required to be present at the airport until the departure of the flight. Details of persons receiving the minor at the destination have to be provided on the security form.


Pets are allowed in a cabin or as checked in baggage provided they are in the proper containers and also have a valid certificate of vaccination. The weight of the pet and container is treated as excess baggage and has to be paid for accordingly. Weight is restricted to 5 kg/11 lbs. Flights to the United States and Canada attract a fixed charge, whereas certain countries will only allow pets carried in the freight hold. Countries like Yemen do not permit any cats or dogs to enter the country. Food for the pet has to be carried by the passenger. Limitation on size and weight do not apply to seeing-eye dogs.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program of EgyptAir is known as EgyptAir Plus, and members can have blue, silver, gold or platinum cards depending on the miles travelled. Privileges for each of these cards differ with the 100,000 Platinum Card entitling the member to extra privileges like checking in with First Class passengers, preferred seating and extra baggage allowance. They are also entitled to 40 percent more miles and the validity of the miles is indefinite.

In-Flight Services

EgyptAir provides the usual in-flight services like meals, refreshments and beverages and does this all in the Egyptian style. Its Airbus330 and 300 flights also offer passengers mobile and internet connections.

Airlines Magazine

EgyptAir has an in-flight magazine called Horus. The magazine is bi-monthly and features EgyptAir destinations and travel guides.

Airlines Alliances

EqyptAir is a member of the Star Alliance, which is the world's biggest airline alliance. It has 21 full members and is headquartered in Germany.

Contact Information

EgyptAir has a website at www.egyptair.com. Its frequent flyer program is called EgyptAir Plus and can be contacted at (+202) 26964390-93/95-99. For reservations you contact (002) 02 22657380 // (002) 02 22683540. Its New York contact number is 1-212-581 5600 while its Los Angeles number is 1-310-2153900.

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