Middle East Airlines, also known as AirLiban, is the national airline carrier of the country of Lebanon. It has international services in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Founded in 1945, it continues to serve quality flights to all its passengers.

Middle East Airlines' IATA Code is ME, ICAO Code is MEA and Callsign is Cedar Jet.

Where Do They Fly?

Middle East Airlines currently flies to 26 destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Countries include Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Switzerland, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Cyprus, Ghana, UAE, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


Check-in counters open three hours before the flight departure and close 45 minutes before the flight. Therefore, a passenger should arrive at the airport before the check-in deadline. Otherwise, he will be denied from boarding. The boarding gates close 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

All passengers should have all necessary documents to be accepted for check-in. Those who refuse to follow all regulations of the airline (such as paying for excess baggage, having complete/legal documents and arriving on time for check-in) will also be disallowed to board the plane. Once a passenger is denied of boarding, he will not be entitled for a refund.


For all international flights except to Canada and US, free baggage allowance is 44 lbs for Y Class, 66 lbs for C/J Class and 88 lbs for First Class. For flights to US and Canada, baggage allowance is 50 lbs for Y Class, and 70 lbs both for the J and First Class.

For hand-carried baggage, weight should not exceed 22 lbs. The size of carry on baggage should be a maximum of 22 x 16 x 10" and checked baggage should be more than 59" in overall dimensions. Infants who are traveling are entitled to a baggage not exceeding 33 lbs.


Infants aged 14 days to two years old are considered as lap babies and should travel with an adult of at least 15 years old. The infant will travel free of charge and will not be required to have a ticket. However, all arrangements should be made with the airline before the child is allowed to board. If a parent fails to bring pertinent documents to prove the child's age, the infant will be denied boarding. Infants traveling for international destinations will be charged 10 percent of the normal airfare.

Passengers traveling with an infant should bring the necessary food and supplies for the baby because flights are not equipped with them. You may, however, request hot water from a flight attendant.


For children below four years and above two years old, the airline will be able to provide escort services from a flight attendant for an additional charge. The crew will accompany him or her during the entire flight until the child is collected. Children who are four to 12 years old will be guided throughout the flight, which is also subject to an additional fee. This service is optional for those who are 12 to 16 years old. Flight attendants will ensure the safety of your child until he reaches his destination. Meals for children can be available upon request.


The transporting of pets should be reserved in advance. The approval of a pet onboard depends on the available space inside the aircraft. For the meantime, only cats and dogs will be allowed to board all planes. Pets should not exceed 22 lbs in weight and should be placed in locked cages. All necessary documents should be brought and provided to comply with international regulations. Middle East Airlines reserves the right to refuse boarding for those animals that are sick or aggressive. These animals, however, may be recommended for cargo shipment but are still subject to approval.

Frequent Flyer Program

Middle East Airlines' frequent flyer program is Cedar Miles, wherein passengers are given the chance to earn miles by traveling frequently with the airlines. The miles that are accumulated can then be used to travel with the airline for free. Cedar Miles also gives bonus miles.

In Flight Services

There are several in-flight entertainment options available aboard the plane such as movies, TV shows and music. Meals and beverages are also available.

Airline Magazine

Middle East Airlines currently does not have an airline magazine.

Air Alliances

Middle East Airline is a member of Sky Team.

Contact Information

Middle East Airlines can be contacted through their contact center at 00961-1-629999. This number is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. For inquiries and concerns regarding the Cedar Miles services, you may send an email at callcent@mea.com.lb.

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