Malev Hungarian Airlines (IATA Code: MA, ICAO Code: MAH, Callsign: MALEV) is the national airline of Hungary, based at Budapest International Airport. With operations to 33 countries, it is the largest Hungarian airline.


Malev serves major cities in Asia (Tel Aviv, Damascus, Beirut and Amman) and most major European cities including Madrid, London, Moscow, Athens, Rome, Paris, Stockholm, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Dublin.


Economy passengers are permitted 50 lbs per person to check into the hold on all flights, which is one of the most generous allowances in the world at no cost. Business Class passengers are permitted 66 lbs on all flights. Malev also allows passengers to take on one piece of hand luggage up to 22 lbs in weight into the cabin (two pieces of luggage for Business Class, up to 22 lbs each) free of charge.

In-flight Services

Complimentary refreshments are available to all passengers on all flights. In short-haul economy, this is cold drinks and snacks, but on long-haul flights there will be hot meals. For Business Class, alcohol is served on all flights along with hot meals and snacks. All passengers are able to enjoy in-flight entertainment on longer routes, with radio, music and films available.

Airline Alliances

Malev Hungarian Airlines is a member of the OneWorld alliance, one of the largest airline partnerships. It enjoys shared privileges with airlines from across the world including British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, Finnair, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

Contact Information

MA's website is MALEV, which enables users to access services from most of the world's major countries, and in any number of recognized languages.
For US travelers, Malev's main contact is the toll-free number 1-800-223-6884. From the UK, contact is 0870-909-0577 and from within Hungary itself, the contact is 0640-21-21-21. MA has offices in most European countries as well as Canada, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East, India and Australia. All email addresses and phone numbers can be found on their website. The Malev frequent flyer program is called The Duna Club and the main contact is 0640-21-21-21.

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