Swiss International Air Lines is the main airline for Switzerland and operates flights to a number of destinations all over the world. Its IATA code is LX, its ICAO code is SWR and its Callsign is Swiss. The original Swissair went into bankruptcy in 2002 and was taken over by Crossair, which was a regional airline in Switzerland. Crossair also changed its name to Swiss. The company was again taken over by Lufthansa in 2007.

Where They Fly

Swiss flies to about 112 airports all over the world and flies 334 routes. Destinations include cities in Europe, the Americas (North and South), Africa, Asia including India and China, places in the Middle East and Far East, Russia, and Japan. Cheap flights are available for most popular destinations and can be booked online.


Swiss offers a number of methods of checking in. You can check-in over the web, a facility that is available round the clock. To use this method, you will need an E-ticket, you should not have infants on the tickets and if you are travelling in a group, it may not exceed 9 persons. Baggage has to be dropped off at the drop desk. You can check-in through self check-in booths at the airport and print your own boarding pass. Phone check-in facilities are available for Business Class travelers at select airports. You can also check-in at certain train stations and, of course, at the airport where you are going to board the plane. Check-in times vary with the airport where you are checking in.


Free baggage allowance varies from 20 kg/44 lbs in Economy Class to 40 kg/88 lbs in the First Class. The maximum weight allowed per item of baggage is 32 kg/70 lbs. Hand baggage is restricted to one piece for Economy class and two pieces for the other classes. Maximum weight allowed is 8 kg/17 lbs. Excess baggage is charged at different rates depending on the place where your flight originates and where it ends. Excess baggage for travelers going from Europe to the United States could be 50 Euros per kilogram. Swiss has divided its destinations into six zones, and tariffs for excess baggage are charged according to the zones you travel to and from.

Traveling Infants

Infants below two years old are not given a separate seat and have to pay ten percent of the applicable fare. There is also a concession available on the service fees for children aged between two and eleven. Strollers and baby seats are allowed as free baggage. Special baby basket services are also aboard the flight. Nurseries and Children's Play Centers are available at major airports. For children below seven days old, a doctor's certificate is a must for travelling. Swiss Air can arrange for special attention at the feeding times for the infant whenever such requests are made by the accompanying adult.


Children between 5 and 12 years can be sent as unaccompanied minors and Swiss will take care of the children from the time of boarding to arrival at the destination. The request has to be made at the time of booking the ticket. The minor will be met at the entrance to the terminal of departure and will be escorted through check-in and customs formalities. The flight attendant will then take over. On arrival at the destination, the child will again be escorted through customs and handed over to the person who has been designated for this when the ticket booking was made.


Dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin on Swiss flights. The animal has to be in a travel box and the total weight including the box should not be more than 8 kg/17 lbs. The animal must be clean and healthy, should not disturb the other passengers and the box has to be kept below the seat. The container needs to be escape proof, leak proof and soft, and the pet should have sufficient space in it to move about. Cabin travel for the pet is subject to a charge that will be on a separate ticket. Pets can also travel in the cargo hold of the plane where temperature and air pressures are similar to that available in the cabin.

Frequent Flyer Program

Swiss Air's frequent flyer club is known as Miles and More and can be contacted at phone number 800-221-8125 (in North America).Swiss International Air Lines is part of the one world alliance of airlines for its frequent flyer program Miles and More. Miles can be accumulated on the actual flights made and also when services offered by the club, like hotel bookings, car rentals and shopping, are also taken advantage of. Status miles are also awarded depending on the frequency of travel, and it is necessary that your membership in the club is indicated when you are booking a ticket.

In Flight Services

The airline provides special menus when necessary for health or religious reasons. These are available if a notice of 72 hours is given before the travel date. The food otherwise is of international standards and monitored by world famous chefs. In-flight entertainment is available with movies and music provided on personal screens.

Airlines Magazine

SWISS magazine is printed ten times a year and focuses on travel and destinations in Switzerland and the world. Frequent flyers are interviewed as are other famous personalities.

Airlines Alliances

Swiss Air has code sharing agreements with about 16 airlines all over the world. They are airlines from the United States and Canada, airlines in the Middle East and Asia and quite a few airlines in the Far East.

Contact Information

The airline has a website at www.swiss.com and is based in Basel, Switzerland. It has offices in major cities all over the world and a complete list of these can be obtained with phones numbers on the Help/FAQ page of this website. To make reservations from the US, call 1-877-359-7947. In Switzerland, call 41-848-700-700.

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