Albanian Airlines is based in Tirana and was founded in the year 1992 as a joint venture company. It was originally called Arberia Airlines. In the year 1995, commercial company "ALBANIAN AIRLINES MAK" SH.P.K. was founded in Tirana. They are the largest airlines in Albania and carry nearly 200,000 passengers a year.


Albanian Airlines is currently traveling to nine destinations that include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and United Kingdom. They request all passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure, and the check-in time closes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure.


In the Economy class, the dimensions of the hand baggage should not exceed 22x16x8" and weight should not exceed 22 lbs. Only one piece of hand baggage is allowed. Two checked bags are allowed and the sum of their dimensions should not exceed 107", wherein the dimension of each baggage should not exceed 62".

Regardless of the class, children who are aged below two are allowed to have one checked bag of dimension not exceeding 46" and weight 22 lbs. For children aged above two, weight should not exceed 70 lbs for checked baggage. This is applicable for those children who are below two years of age and traveling with child discount. One can carry fragile baggage without prior information if you are not asking for an additional seat, it fits either under the seat or in the overhead locker and the weight is less than 22 lbs.

Excess baggage fee ranges between 2euros/Kg to 10euros/Kg.

In-flight service:

Complimentary in-flight meals and drinks are provided for all passengers.

Airline Alliances:

Albanian Airlines does not have alliances.

Contact Information:

You can contact Albanian Airlines for reservation or any other details at 011 (+003) 55 4 235162. If you are in the US or another foreign country, you may email them at ticketing@albanianair.com. For more details, please visit ALBANIAN

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