Air Luxor was an airline based in Lisbon, Portugal. Its main base was Portela Airport in Lisbon. It was a privately owned Portuguese airline company established by the Mirpuri family in December 1988, which by that time owned a small fleet of private aircrafts. At the end of 1980s, Air Luxor was transformed into an airline company. The company extended its operations to commercial aviation in 1997, first in the charter sector and finally to the scheduled flight sector in 2001. Before its suspension in October 2006, Air Luxor was sold to a string of companies and finally was sold to Longstock Financial Group.

Where did they fly?

Air Luxor formerly took you to exotic destinations like Funchal, Portugal, landing in the Madeira Airport. It also traveled to France. It also had seasonal flights to Sao Tome, Africa. Air Luxor STP (Sao Tome and Principe) flew to the following airports: Bata, Libreville, Cotonou, Malabo and Douala.


Passengers were allowed to check two items free of charge. Each item could not exceed a weight of 23 kgs or 50 lbs. Also, a hand carry or carry-on piece less than 22 pounds was permitted.

In-flight Services

Air Luxor gave special importance to in-flight entertainment. There was a personal video screen at the back of each seat. Passengers were provided with movies and video games of their choice. There were also USB ports in the business class, ensuring that passengers could access their laptops. The in-flight meals also catered to different kinds of passengers. Children were also provided toys to engage them during long non-stop flights

Airline Alliances

Air Luxor had alliance with Aigle Azur, a French airline said to be aiding Air Luxor. Also, Air Luxor was tied with the charter airline, Hifly.

Contact Information

Air Luxor's mailing address is Av. Republica 101, Lisbon, 1050-190 Portugal. You can inquire for flights through email: airluxor@airluxor.com and reservations in Portugal are made through phone number 21-004-3700. Its website was AIR LUXOR

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