Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany. Together with its partner, it operates the world's third largest fleet consisting of 531 aircrafts. It is also the founding member of Star Alliance network. The IATA code designator for the airline is LH, which is primarily used in all major publications and information systems. The International Civil Aviation uses DLH to identify, Lufthansa.


Lufthansa flies to over 200 destinations. The airline has a stake in many well known subsidiaries such as Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Jet Blue. Its main operational hubs are Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich. The activity is mainly concentrated around major destinations in Europe and the United States, while popular international routes include London, Dubai and New York.

Check-In and Boarding

As one of the premier global airlines, Lufthansa provides its passengers the facility to check-in online. Visitors can select their seats and print out the boarding pass from any available home or office printer. The mobile boarding pass can also be sent to any internet enabled mobile phone. To proceed with online check-in, passengers can use any of the Frequent Flyer Cards from Star Alliance member airlines and use credit or debit card. For those who carry only hand luggage and possess a boarding pass, they may go directly to the security counters. The boarding pass can also be attained from check-in kiosks at the airports. Anyone carrying a boarding pass should keep it secure as the barcode on these boarding passes, when placed on the check-in machines, allows access to passenger data.


The free baggage allowance and the total weight depend on the route, booking class and the frequent flyer status. Typically, for flights within Germany and inside Europe, the baggage allowance is dependant on the total weight concept instead of the total number of bags. In economy class, passengers can carry 44 lbs with 22 lb increments for business to first class. For long haul routes outside Europe, passengers in economy class can take two pieces of 50 lbs each. Passengers in business and first class can take two pieces of 70 lbs each. For Miles and More members there are additional free luggage allowances. Wherever the weight concept applies, passengers are charged anywhere from $7 to $56 per pound extra on excess baggage depending on the length of the flight.

Traveling with Infants

Lufthansa is known to provide special privileges to young children. For infants under two years, there is a nominal charge on most flights, but this expense is minimal and may vary from free to 15% of the total cost. Lufthansa also provides, free of cost, baby beds on all flights. These bassinets are suitable for children under six months old. As the number of seats configured for baby cots are limited, passengers should pre-inform their travel agent or airline representatives regarding their travel plans and select night flights as it helps babies maintain their sleep rhythm.

Traveling with Minors

The trademark Lu and Cosmo children's program provides meals, games and other niceties for children to enjoy on flights. As with most airlines, children from two to 11 years are charged a percentage of the ticket prices reserved for adults. In Lufthansa, this price varies but is generally 60% of the total cost.

Lufthansa offers family services at its major hub, Munich and Frankfurt. Multilingual guides are ready to help parents with children to navigate around the airport. In summer season, all children enjoy special menus by star chef Sarah Wiener. These menus are available on all long-haul flights. Kids and teenagers up to 17 years can join the one-of-a-kind Jet Friends program which provides frequent miles and many other amenities. Children between the age of five and twelve can fly alone under the airline'the age of 12.

Traveling with Pets

Pets are allowed to travel inside the cabin or in air-conditioned cargo holds. Small dogs and cats that do not exceed 18 lbs in weight including containers may travel inside the cabin. Guide dogs are always accommodated inside the cabins along side their owners. The containers for in-cabin should not exceed 22x16x8" in dimension. All travelers with pets are provided these specifically made containers at all check-in counters. For large animals, the containers should abide by the rules set by IATA. Simply, they should be large enough for animals to stand and move. All these pets and animals are categorized as baggage and all rules concerning free baggage allowance and excess weight is implemented.

Frequent Flyer Program

Lufthansa's frequent flyer program provides its members with a wealth of amenities. The Miles and More program is specifically designed to give new members a chance to accumulate points quickly. The program is consistently praised for introducing special incentives that make it easier to earn double miles and upgrade to the next class.

In Flight Services

Passengers on Lufthansa's short and medium haul flights can enjoy tasty snacks and meals, while on longer routes, travelers are presented with menus from award winning chefs. The on-board entertainment system also includes programs for kids.


The Lufthansa Magazin consists of useful tips on different destinations and interesting topics on travel and local cuisine.

Air Alliances

Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance network, which makes it easier to accumulate miles and transfer rewards on several member airlines.

Contact Information

The official website of the airline is LUFTHANSA.
For convenience, Lufthansa has city offices and city airport offices in most popular destinations around the world. For each country, there is also a special reservation number. In the USA, passengers can dial toll free 1-800-399-LUFT to contact the main reservation office. Its frequent flyer, Miles and More program, can be reached by dialing 1-800-581-6400.

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