FlyNordic, an airline based in Stockholm, Sweden is now a part of Norwegian Air Shuttle and has ceased operations as of 2008. It operated scheduled and charter services and had a fleet of seven aircraft responding to the call sign NORDIC. Its IATA code was LF and ICAO code was NDC. The company was originally founded in the year 2000.

Where Do They Fly?

FlyNordic had destinations to Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Switzerland. It also operated a number of domestic flights. The same destinations are still being touched by Norwegian after the take over of FlyNordic.


The weight limitation on each bag is 70 lbs and each passenger is permitted 88 lbs of baggage. Excess baggage is charged at different rates for domestic and international flights. Sports equipment is permitted at extra charges but has to be booked in advance as the flights have limited carrying capacity for cargo.

In-flight Services

Movies are screened on flights that are longer than three and a half hours. Music is available in various channels on all flights. Meals are available but have to be purchased. Only credit cards are accepted for payment.

Airline Alliances

The airline has no alliances with any other airline.

Contact Information

FlyNordic has a website at FLYNORDIC. This site will, of course, redirect you to the website for Norwegian. There you will find all the details that you need. This airline is a ticketless airline and all flight reservations have to be made on their GDS system Amadeus. Reservations can be made by contacting + 47 21 49 00 15 (from outside Norway) and 815 21 815 (from Norway).

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