KLM is officially the oldest airline operating under its original name. Since the inception of its services in 1919, the airline has withstood the passage of time by providing quality customer service. KL is its IATA code that is mostly used in commercial aviation to designate KLM flights. The International Civil Aviation (ICAO) uses KLM, which is also its Callsign.

Flying Route

KLM serves more than a hundred destinations worldwide. From its hub in Amsterdam, it flies to all six continents. Focus airports include large cities in North America and Europe. It also operates large number of flights to destinations in Australia and the Middle East. Amid growing demand, KLM Asia was formed to serve Taipei and other popular destinations in Southeast Asia and mainland China.


Passengers can check-in online anywhere in the world 30 hours before the scheduled departure. Each boarding pass consists of a bar code and can be printed from home or office. KLM also provides additional services such as telephone check-in and check-in from a mobile phone. At the airport, visitors can easily access ticketing kiosks to print or change their flight schedule. KLM is among those few airlines in the world that offers options such as booking seats with extra leg rooms in economy class. Passengers may also get a 30% discount on excess baggage. Anyone carrying a paper boarding pass can deposit their luggage at any counter and proceed directly to the security counter.


Depending on the travel route, the baggage allowance for passengers is based on either the weight or piece concept. Each passenger can carry a weight up to 20kg/44 lbs in economy and 30kg/66 lbs in superior class. The routes that adhere to the piece concept allow passengers to check-in two items of baggage where each bag should not exceed 23 kg/50 lbs per bag in economy and 32 kg/70 lbs in World business class or Europe Select. If booked online 30 hours before departure, KLM also allows travelers to get a 30% discount on any excess baggage. As for free hand bags, each passenger can carry one bag with them inside the cabin. The bag dimensions vary according to the chosen class of the traveler. Flying Blue members get extra amenities when booking baggage.

Traveling Infants

KLM was the first to introduce packages for children that included special meals, toys and various other items of interest. Parents are allowed to carry infants on their laps. An infant is described as anyone who is less than two years old at the time of departure. General items of necessity like strollers and diaper bags are allowed on-flight, but travelers should consult a KLM agent to verify complete details before boarding. Cribs are also available on all intercontinental flights.


KLM keeps young children and babies entertained by providing a special menu free of cost. Anyone less than 12 years old is considered a minor and is required to be accompanied by an adult (18-years-old or older). Children from five to eleven can use the KLM's unaccompanied minor service program. Even teenagers up to seventeen years old are encouraged to use this program. KLM has fixed fares for adults, minors and infants. The fare for minors varies according to the route, but generally is 80% of the full ticket price of an adult traveler. There is no charge for lap infant, but booking a full seat may cost a little extra.


Small cats and dogs weighing no more than 6 kg/13 lbs are permitted inside the cabins. They must be secured inside a kennel bag or a container. For larger animals, special ventilated parts of the cargo hold provide a safe journey. These larger pets should not exceed 75 kg/165 lbs. If a visitor still wants to carry an animal that is more than 75 kg.165 lbs, the KLM-Air France cargo can take care of these special needs. The charges on this cargo vary based on the length of the flight and may cost 40, 80 or 160 Euro per segment. Guide and service dogs are exempt form these rules.

Frequent Flyer Program

Flying Blue is the popular frequent flyer program of KLM. It allows members to acquire points for free tickets, car rentals, hotel stays and more. On ground, members can redeem points at hundreds of different retail outlets, shops and specialty stores. They also enjoy special regular offers to upgrade from economy to business or first class. KLM passengers enjoy a wide range of entertainment from movies to learning the language of the intended destination. Passengers can also reserve seats with extra leg room and upgrade their class at the check-in counters. On long haul flights, delicious snacks are served in between meals.

Airlines Magazine

Holland Herald is the in-flight magazine of KLM which can easily be viewed at www.hollandherald.nl.

Airlines Alliances

KLM is a member of the prestigious Skyteam network that includes fourteen airlines from all corners of the world. The extensive network allows members to benefit from the same quality services, anywhere in the World.

Contact Information

The KLM website address is www.klm.com. For any reservations made on the website, passengers can contact the service center at 1-866-434-0320. For needs outside the scope of the website, customers should call 1-800-225-2525. For its frequent flyer members, KLM provides a separate telephone numbers. These Flying Blue members should call 1-800-375-8723 for any questions.

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