Air Astana (Airline Code: KC) is based in Astana, Kazakhstan and is the national carrier of the country. Operating domestic and international flights, it is based at both Astana International Airport and Almaty International Airport. With a fleet of Airbus and Boeing planes, they were one of the former Soviet entities to show interest in Western equipment rather than Russian.

Where Do They Fly?

Their major destinations are mostly major cities in nearby countries like Moscow, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Antalya, Bishkek, and so on. They also fly as far as London to the west, Amsterdam to the north, and to Asian cities like Seoul, Beijing, and Bangkok to the east. They also fly to Dubai and Delhi.


There is online check-in service at their official website that is available as early as 24 hours and up to day of flight within 60 minutes before scheduled departure time. Their online services also allow you to check on your luggage if ever they have been delayed or mishandled. If you require any special services, you will need to check in at the airport ticket counters.


Air Astana also has free baggage allowances that accommodate any combination of dimension and weight, number of pieces or dimensions within their specifications. Such specifications impose certain limitations depending on your class of travel and what kind of baggage it may be. Baggage in excess of the specifications is subject to extra charges. This means that each passenger with a ticket, excluding infants, is entitled to carry 66 lbs in Business Class or 44 lbs in Economy Class. Of course, this excludes any sort of dangerous materials like firearms, explosives, and so on.


Infants under the age of two traveling without use of a seat are accommodated without charge. Infants must travel on all flights in the same compartment on the lap of an adult who is 18 years and over. Infants under the age of two traveling with use of a seat pay 50% of the applicable adult fare.


Regarding children and infants on-board, there are age categories that determine the fare to be paid for tickets, according to your destination. Children who are two to 14 years old, or two to 11 on international flights, are entitled to a 50% discount. However, they must always be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years old or older on all flights in the same compartment. This is for safety and organization.


Air Astana accepts unaccompanied minors between the ages of five to 15 years old so long as proper procedures have been followed and required documentation submitted. Domestic flights let unaccompanied minors from ages five to 14 pay 50% fare. Those who are 15 and older are required to pay the adult fare. For international flights, rules are stricter as those between five to 11 years old are to pay 67% of the fare, while everyone else pays in full. Unaccompanied minors are required to fly without change of aircraft.


Air Astana also allows transportation of small cats and dogs up to 18 lbs, as well as small fish in the passenger cabin, designated as PETC. Cats and dogs weighing more than 18 lbs are to be transported in the baggage cabin in a cargo compartment, designated as AVIH. Unfortunately, birds and rodents are prohibited from being transported as registered luggage, even in salon or luggage compartment. They are to be regulated by the cargo department only as cargo and never as luggage. Such transportation of animals is subject to the discretion of Air Astana management and administration.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program, known as the Nomad Club, was recently launched on December 1, 2007. You can enroll as a member to take advantage of perks and other services as a frequent flyer. You may register either at Air Astana check-in counters or online at the official Air Astana website.

In-Flight Service

During the flight, Air Astana provides in-flight entertainment and catering to both Business and Economy classes. Movies and music are available for passengers' enjoyment. In-flight catering ranges from full course hot meal to light snacks, depending on the time of the day and the length of the flight. They also offer fine wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Airline Alliances

Aside from its own fleet, Air Astana has code share with airBaltic from Riga, Austrian Airlines from Vienna, and KLM from Amsterdam.

Contact Information

The official website is at ASTANA, where you can get most of the information you'll need if you plan to fly Air Astana.

For inquiries, you may call them through their international call center at +7(727)2444477 or their email address at call.centre@airastana.com.

Their frequent flyer club, called the Nomad Club, can be reached through phone at +7(727)2445530, fax at +7(727)2598701, or email at nomadclub@airastana.com.

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