JAT Airways is the national airline carrier of the country of Serbia. It handles the majority of the flights to and from Serbia, both domestic and international. It is continually striving to give the best services to its loyal customers.

JAT Airways' IATA Code is JU, its ICAO Code is JAT and Callsign is JAT.

Where Do They Fly?

Currently, JAT Airways flies to 37 international and domestic destinations across Africa, Asia and Europe. Countries include Libya, Tunisia, Cyprus, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Check In

It is necessary for a passenger to reconfirm his or her reservations at least 24 hours before the flight departure. This is to be certain that reservations made have not changed because alterations may have occurred, especially if a long time has elapsed since the reservation.

Passengers are expected to arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours before the flight. For international flights, a longer time should be given for check-in. This is to give ample time for baggage check and other pertinent procedures. Those who are traveling with infants, animals and heavy baggage should arrive at the airport at least two and a half hours before the flight.


Passengers with baggage are expected to arrive at the airport early for baggage check-in. Baggage counters close 30 minutes before the flight departure. The weight of the baggage to be checked should be a maximum of 22 lbs for infants, 44 lbs for the Economy class and 66 lbs for the Business Class.

If a bag exceeds the given weight allowance, a per-pound fee will be charged. The passenger should pay these fees at the check-in counters before he will be allowed to board. The excess baggage fee depends on the destination of the passenger. Before the flight, the airline advises passengers to consult them regarding baggage fees.


An infant who is under two years old should sit on the lap of his parent or guardian. For security reasons, any passenger who is carrying an infant is not allowed to sit near the emergency exits. Passengers who are traveling with babies should bring all the necessary needs of the baby because flights do not have them. The parent should be responsible enough to bring the necessary documents such as birth certificate and medical certificate from a pediatrician stating that the baby is allowed to travel. The airline will not accept a child who is ill at the time of the flight.


For domestic flights, children who are less than five years old are not allowed to travel alone. For international flights, children who are less than seven years old will also not be allowed to travel alone. Children who do not meet the above conditions may travel unaccompanied and enroll in the unaccompanied minor service of the airline. The child will need a purchased ticket plus an additional fee for the service. Price for this service depends on the destination of the child. Parents should book the service in advance because JAT Airways accepts only a limited number of minors per flight.


Transport of household pets is allowed on regular flights of the airline. However, the animal should pass all the necessary requirements and procedures for safety reasons. The passenger carrying the animal should have complete documents including an animal health certification from the veterinarian attesting that it completed all vaccinations needed.

The animal should be placed inside a kennel with a non-porous bottom. The animal should not show any aggressive behavior and should be healthy at the time of the flight. The airline reserves the right to refuse boarding to any animal that fails to meet any of the above requirements.

Frequent Flyer Program

JAT Airways' frequent flyer program is called "A Trip More." The passenger should be able to fly at least 10 domestic or international flights within one year and he shall be given a free round trip ticket to any destination. More and more customers of JAT Airways are enjoying the benefits of this program.

In Flight Services

JAT Airways offers in-flight entertainment systems, food and beverages for comfortable flights. Services may vary according to the travel class you are in. Overall, flight service is remarkable.

Airline Magazine

JAT Airways currently does not have an airline magazine.

Air Alliance

JAT Airways is not a member of any airline alliance, although it has launched a campaign to join SkyTeam.

Contact Information

For general inquiries, frequent flyer program concerns, reservations and bookings, you may contact their home office at 0800-111-528 or +381-11-311-21-23. You may also email your concerns to callcentar@jat.com. Complete contact information of all their domestic and international offices can be found at JAT

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