Slovenia's national airline and based at Ljubljana. Adria Airways is committed to making the most out of each passenger's time and bringing airline services right to the comfort of your own home with online check-in services. Adria Airways operates internationally in Europe and also offers chartered services to the Middle East. Adria's IATA code is JP, its ACAO code is ADR and its Callsign is Adria.

Flying Route

With Adria Airways, the best travel destinations in Europe and beyond are covered. Among the top places that you can visit are Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt, Athens, Dublin, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Istanbul, London, and Manchester. Adria Airways also offers chartered services to Middle Eastern countries.


Adria Airways is offering web check-in from Ljubljana to Bucharest, Kiev, Brussels, London, Skopje, Zurich, Sarajevo, and Podgorica. Through this service, selecting your flight, booking, confirming your seat and checking-in your baggage can be done online. After the details have been confirmed, the ticket will be sent online which can be printed and shown at the airlines, making international flights easy and enjoyable. The web check-in services will be extended to other areas in the coming months. The web check-in services can be used as late as 60 minutes before the flight, although checking in a day before is ideal.


Up to 8 kg/17 lbs of carry-on baggage is permitted. The maximum baggage that is allowed for the flight itself depends on the type of flight chosen. Economy class allows passengers up to 20 kg/44 lbs of baggage, while business class passengers can bring as much as 30 kg/66 lbs. Excess baggage is charged per extra kg according to the destination. For chartered flights, the passenger may bring up to 20 kg/44 lbs of checked-in baggage. In general, passengers may bring in two checked-in bags as well as one carry-on bag. The maximum size for carry-on luggage is 55 x 40 x 20 cm (21x16x8").

Traveling Infants

Children are given special privilege in Adria Airways, and for those who are travelling with infants and children up to two years old, the ticket price is available at only ten percent of the price that an adult will pay given the same destination. Safety measures are also available for infants, and will be provided on site given that prior information and notification is given to allow the airline to prepare for the presence of your infant aboard the cabin and during the flight. Contact the Call Center for Ticket Reservations and to facilitate coordination when traveling with an infant.


Apart from children, Adria Airways also recognizes that many youth and minors travel today. Because of this, the airline offers services for minors. For children above two years old and up to 16 years of age, discounts of up to 50 percent are available. Other services offered for minors are the escort services for those who are travelling alone. The service should be coordinated beforehand and the children should bring proper documentation to use door-to-door services from the start of the flight to the destination. Other safety features are also provided depending on the age of the children travelling.


Five animals are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin each month. Apart from this, however, the type of aircraft that you choose will also determine whether your pet can accompany you in the journey or not. For A320 aircrafts, the business class section can accommodate one animal, while the economy section will hold up to two animals. The pets should be contained in cages that should not exceed dimensions of 55x30x20cm (21x12x8"). Animals that will be accompanying you in flight are also charged as excess baggage according to the destination. Always contact the Adria Airline offices before travelling with pets.

Frequent Flyer Program

The Adria Airways provides frequent flyer perks through the Miles and More Program, which rewards passengers who take advantage of the services of the airline. The airline also provides the Adria Corporate Card that allows frequent flyers to collect points and earn rewards such as free tickets and many other perks.

In Flight Services

Among the in-flight services offered are food offerings as well as assistance of qualified stewards to facilitate safe and comfortable travel to any destination.

Airline Magazines

Adria Airlines provides all of its passengers with the Adria In-Flight magazine for in-flight entertainment.

Airlines Alliances

Adria Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance established since 1887.

Contact Information

For reservations, contact +386(0)13691010, or send email at booking@adria.si. Online booking can be made through onlinehelp@adria.si or by calling +386 (0)1 36 91 304. The airline also supports frequent flyer clubs such as Miles and More, which can be reached through the website,www.milesandmore.com or through +386 40 747 440. For general airline information, go to the website at www.adria.si or at www.adria-airways.com

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