TAM Airlines was founded in 1961 by a group of 10 young pilots. With their headquarters based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, TAM airlines has evolved from a small national freight company to now dominating the majority of Brazil's domestic and international flights. TAM airlines operates with the airline code JJ.


To date TAM airlines offers globetrotters a variety of domestic and international flight destinations with something to suit every taste and need. TAM airlines has strategically planned its flight routes and presently has scheduled flights to most of the major cities within Europe, South America and the United States. Their domestic flights span across the whole of Brazil. From north to south and east to west, Tam has it covered.

Baggage allowance:

TAM airlines offers passengers the luxury of carrying the maximum permitted weight of luggage while traveling. For domestic flights within Brazil, customers are allowed up to 50 lbs per person of checked luggage and 11 lbs per person carry on luggage. For flights to and from Canada and the United States or on international flights to Europe or Asia departing from Brazil, passengers are permitted to check in two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 70 lbs per piece. They may also carry on one 11 lbs bag. For flights departing Europe, passengers are allowed to check through two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 50 lbs and one piece of carry on luggage of 11 lbs.

Onboard TAM Flights:

Their success to date lies greatly with their customer friendly policy of "the client's always right." Aboard TAM flights, both nationally and internationally, that policy remains ever present as their highly trained staff members cater to your every need. From an optimum level of in flight entertainment, good quality refreshments and dining options, multi-lingual staff members and an ever present smile, Tam airlines ensures that their customers feel they are receiving the high quality service they deserve.

Frequent flyer club:

For the loyal traveler, TAM has devised a frequent flyer club called Fidelity that allows valued customers to gain invaluable mileage that may in turn be exchanged for free upgrades and even flights.

Air Alliances:

TAM airlines has made alliances with United Airlines, TAP, Lufthansa, LAN, AIR Canada and Swiss airlines allowing Fidelity Club members to gain extra mileage points with these airlines.

If you are looking for high quality service without a high price tag, TAM airlines is one of the most competitive within its industry.

Contact information:

TAM airlines has an impeccable reservation and customer service team prepared and willing to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Their team is available at 1-888-2FLYTAM within the United States. To contact someone in the US corporate headquarters about their frequent flyer club, call 1-305-477-5997, Ext. 227. If dialing from outside the United States, check their website at TAM for relevant contact information.

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