Jazeera Airways is a low fare airline that is based in Kuwait. It competes directly with the government owned Kuwait Airways and has acted as a front runner for low cost carriers in the Middle East. It was founded in 2005 and has its hub at the Kuwait International Airport. It has a fleet size of 10 aircraft, with 30 more planes on order. Its IATA code is J9, ICAO code is JZR and their planes respond to the call sign of Jazeera. It has been quite successful in making its own niche for itself among people who are regular travelers within the Gulf area and neighboring countries. This has made it go in for a huge program of expanding its fleet to over three times its current size.

Flying routes

Jazeera Airways flies to 30 destinations in 16 countries. They have six destinations in Egypt, two destinations in India, four destinations in Iran, and they also fly to Bahrain, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar. They fly to two airports in Saudi Arabia besides three in Syria. The list of destinations includes the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Turkey.


Check in counters at most airports open three hours before flight time, while in Egypt the counters are open four hours before the scheduled time of departure. Closing of check in counters is 45 minutes to one hour before the flight departs. You have to be personally present during check in, and pooling of baggage with other travelers is forbidden for security reasons. Online check-in facilities are not available. There is dedicated check in for passengers traveling in the J+ class.


All travelers except infants are allowed one piece of carry on baggage with a weight restriction of 15 lbs. Carry on pieces of baggage must be tagged. Jazeera Plus passengers are permitted to carry on two pieces of baggage. Check in baggage permitted is one piece of 44 lbs. Travelers in Jazeera Plus seats are allowed 66 lbs. No baggage weighing more than 70 lbs is permitted. Travelers to Khartoum are permitted an extra 22 lbs. Excess baggage is charged at rates of two to two and a half Kuwaiti Dinars per kg, depending on the zone to which they are traveling.


Infants have to be below two years and must carry documentary evidence to verify the age. Infants are not permitted a separate seat and have to be carried on the lap of the accompanying adult. There is also no baggage allowance for infants, though infant charges are levied. Child seats are allowed subject to scrutiny. The infant has to be more than three days old. They have a bassinet service that has to be booked in advance at the time of making reservations for the flight.


Children below the age of 14 and over five years of age can travel unaccompanied subject to the rules of Jazeera Airways. Booking cannot be done online, and unaccompanied forms have to be completed and presented at the airport counter. Travel documents for the child must be complete in all respects and must be carried by the child throughout the flight. Jazeera Airways may accept unaccompanied minors on transit flights provided connections are available with not much of a time difference. An extra charge of 25 Kuwaiti Dinars is levied for these services. Proper documentation has to be given at the time of check in and ID proof is a must for the person receiving the unaccompanied minor at the destination.


Pets are not allowed on flights by Jazeera Airways.

Frequent Flyer Program

Jazeera Airways has no frequent flyer program.

In-Flight Service

You need to carry your own headphones to listen to the music on Jazeera Airways or purchase them during the flight. These are free in their J+ service where you also have eight inch LCD screens to see movies and DVDs. Meal boxes with snacks are available complimentary in J+.

Airline Magazines

Their airline magazine is called J, and is a bi-monthly publication. It contains articles on destinations that Jazeera Airways travels to, as well as interviews with prominent people in the Middle East. It is distributed in all classes of travel and is a very colorful magazine.

Airline Alliances

Jazeera Airways has no alliances with any other airlines.

Contact Information

Jazeera Airways has a web site at JAZEERA
It has no frequent flyer program as this does not fit in with its low cost status. All reservations can be done by contacting the call center in Kuwait at +965 2248940. Contact numbers for their various offices are available on their web site. They have no offices in the United States.

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