Kingfisher Airlines based in Bangalore India at Bengaluru International Airport, is one of the main airlines in its section of the world and has more than 400 flights per day. There are 77 destinations that Kingfisher Airlines travels to including both regional and long-haul services. They also have bases at Chhatrapati Shivaji International in Mumbia, Rajiv Gandhi International in Hyderabad and Indira Gandhi International in Delhi.

Kingfisher Airlines has a five star rating from Skytrax, and is one of only six airlines in the world to have such a rating is deemed to be the most admired airline in the Asia-Pacific region. During February of 2009 there were 904,000 passengers who flew on Kingfisher, giving it the highest market share in India.

Where Do They Fly

Kingfisher Airlines has 74 domestic destinations, and three international destinations in three different countries and across Asia and Europe. Its first international connection was between Bangalore and London, which it opened in 2008.

The international routes that are flown by Kingfisher include Bangalore and London, Mumbai and London, Bangalore and Colombo, Chennai and Colombo, Kolkata and Dhaka, and Bangalore and Dubai. In 2009, Kingfisher Airlines plans to add destinations that include Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Karachi, Lahore, Male, and Singapore.


You can check-in to flights at the Kingfisher desks in any of the airports that the airline services, including Bengaluru, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rajiv Gandhi International, and Indira Gandhi or you can check-in online.


Passengers are allowed baggage and depending on the type of flight there may be a small fee for baggage.

Child Fare


Senior Fares



Pets are allowed on some Kingfisher Airlines flights for fee.

Carrying Oversize Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Oversize baggage can be carried on in the cabin and must be declared at check-in. This includes musical instruments.

In-Flight Service

When one flies with Kingfisher Airlines, they have several choices when it comes to the cabin classes. On domestic flights you can choose Kingfisher First where seats have a 48 inch seat pitch and can recline 125 degrees. Each seat has laptop and mobile chargers, and there are international newspapers and magazines. You can also fly Kingfisher Class, where the seats have a 32-34 inch seat pitch and a foot rest. This class also offers movies and TV channels. In Kingfisher Red, which is a low cost class on domestic routes passengers are offered complementary food and beverages and are a frequent flyer privilege as well.

For international flights, passengers can travel on Kingfisher first, or Kingfisher class. In first class, passengers are given flat bed seats and wool blankets as well as a five course meal and the finest of wines. There are massagers, chargers, and USB connectors in all seats along with a television screen with touch screen control. The Kingfisher first class cabin includes a social area with a full bar and bartender, and a breakout seating area.

When passengers fly Kingfisher class on international flights, they are offered blankets, full sized pillows, and business class meals. All seats have chargers and USB connectors. Both classes feature mood lighting that corresponds to the time of day and to the area. All in all, Kingfisher Airlines is a pleasant way to travel, and is an affordable choice in that area of the world. They are one of the fastest growing airlines, as well.

Air Miles

Passengers can earn air miles through the Kingfisher Red Program.

Airline Food

Food and drink are offered on most Kingfisher flights. For passengers traveling in Kingfisher First, fine dining and wines are always offered.

In-Flight Magazine

Kingfisher Magazine is the in-flight magazine offered to passengers.

Airline Alliances

Kingfisher is associated with Kingfisher Red.

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