Spanish airline Iberia was founded in 1927 and has grown to become Spain's largest airline carrier. Iberia is noted as the first airline carrier between Europe and South America. With an impressive slogan "Con Iberia, eres mas" ("With Iberia, You're more"), Iberia aims to give a high quality of service to every individual customer. Iberia's IATA code is IB, its ICAO code is IBE and its Callsign is Iberia.

Flying Route

Iberia has worked hard to strategically fly to the hottest locations throughout the world. With their domestic flights to 38 locations and their international flights spread throughout 44 countries globally, Iberia understands what their travelers really want. Some of the top choices for Iberia flights include United Kingdom, Ireland, France Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. These and many more alternatives throughout the world make Iberia a top choice for international flights.


Iberia has ensured that all their customers may use online booking facilities. Their high quality service allows passengers to check-in online and print their boarding card 24 hours in advance of the flight's departure. The online check-in service is available up to two hours before the scheduled flight departure. All of your baggage may be checked in with ease and simplicity allowing you to just deposit your luggage at the drop off locations within the airport, saving a huge amount of time usually wasted in lengthy queues. If you choose to check-in at the airport, boarding gates close 45 minutes before the flight's departure.


Iberia has a generous baggage allowance that ensures their customers can travel with a greater peace of mind. For flights within Europe, economy passengers are allowed to check through one piece of baggage weighing up to 23kg/50 lbs, business class travelers may check through up to 30kg/66 lbs in weight. For flights to Asia, the Americas or Africa, passengers in economy can check through two pieces of luggage weighing 23kg/50 lbs each, business class travelers may check through three piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg/50 lbs each. Passengers in economy on short haul flights are permitted to carry on 10kg/22 lbs of hand baggage, business class travelers can carry on up to 14kg/30 lbs in weight. For long haul flights, economy passengers may carry on 10kg/22 lbs of hand luggage and business class may have a maximum baggage weight of 18kg/39 lbs. Excess baggage weight will be subject to additional fees that are listed on the main website. For sports equipment and other large items, Iberia has a fee based system for checking in.

Traveling Infants

Passengers travelling with children under the age of 24 months may use the option to carry the child on their lap rather than purchase a seat; however; only one child per adult is permitted. The airline will charge 10% of the ticket price to book this service. If you are travelling long haul with a child under the age of eight months, Iberia does have child comfort cots for them to rest in, but these need to be arranged for directly with Iberia and cannot be booked online. For one adult accompanied by two children under the age of 24 months, they will be required to purchase a car seat for the second child. The cost of a car seat is the same as the cost of travelling with a minor.


For a child to qualify as a minor on board an Iberia flight, he must be under the age of 12 years of age when flying. For minors travelling within domestic locations, they will be entitled to a 50% discount off of the cost of the total fare. International flights discounts vary depending on the location, season and whether the ticket is purchased at a promotional price. Minors between the ages of five years and 11 travelling alone will be required to make their booking via an Iberia desk or through a travel agent as this service is not available online.


Iberia facilitates travelling with small pets on board their domestic and international flights. Passengers need to make provision for a suitable storage device for the duration of the flight while on board. Carriers may be no larger in size than 45cm/17" in length, 35cm/13" in width and 25cm/10" in depth. The total weight of both the animal and the carrying container may not exceed 8kg/17 lbs in total. There is a charge for the accompaniment of animals on board Iberia flights which is as follows: domestic flights 25 Euros per flight, international 50 Euros per flight and American 150 Euros per flight, all of which are payable at the airport. Rules and regulations do apply and more details may be found on the Iberia website www.iberia.com. Service dogs are permitted on board flights for those who are under medical instructions to travel with them. Service dogs must remain muzzled at all time.

Frequent Flyer Program

All flights lasting for the duration of seven hours or over will include in-flight entertainment facilities. Movies and a variety of music stations are available for the comfort and pleasure of the customer. Meals are available free of charge on long distance flights. For more local European trips, snacks are available for purchase from their TU menu. An in-flight shopping service allows customers to pick up those last minute gifts from the comfort of their chairs. Business travelers on Iberia flights have SMS and phone services available ensuring they are reachable at all times.

In Flight Services

Iberia values their loyal customers and so have created a fidelity card "Iberia Plus" that customers may use to gain mileage on all flights both domestic and international. These mileage points may then be exchanged for free upgrades and even flights.

Airlines Magazine

Iberia provides a monthly company magazine called Rhonda that is available onboard for those seeking a leisurely read.

Airlines Alliances

Throughout Iberia's growth and development, they have made numerous strategic alliances within "oneworld" such as American Airlines, British Airways, Quantas, LAN Chile, Finnair and many more. This comes as good news to all fidelity card holders as they may also gain points towards mileage by taking advantage of other partnering services.

Contact Information

If you are interested in reserving a flight using Iberia airlines, reservations may be made online through their website at www.iberia.com or by phone at 1-800-772-4642 within the United States. Other local reservation numbers may be found on their website.

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