Iceland Express, or simply known as The Flystar, is a budget Airline that is mostly preferred by people who are traveling to European countries like Iceland and London. With its main base in Reykjavik, Iceland, it has been in operations since 2003 serving almost 20 countries all over Europe. It offers low-fare rates on all its flight destinations, with an online booking, reservations, and online check-in available. It is officially owned by Icelandic Company Fengus. Iceland Express' IATA code is HW, its ICAO code is FHE and its Callsign is Flyhello.

Flying Route

The airline has international flights to Alicante, Berlin, and Warsaw three times weekly. It flies to Frankfurt Han, Gothenburg, and Billund twice a week and to places such as Aalborg, Barcelona, Basel, Bologna, Eindhoven, Friedrichshaven, Geneva, Krakau, and Paris, they fly only once a week. If you are heading to Copenhagen or London Gatwick, they have ten or more flights weekly depending on schedule.


Iceland Express Airline allows the passengers to book a flight, reserve specific seats, and print your own boarding pass right at the convenience of home. The service though is only available under certain conditions. First, you must have at least a carry-on bag that does not exceed 10kg/22 lbs. Second, you are not someone who needs special assistance. Next, you must not have an infant that is age newborn to 2 years. And lastly, you are not an unaccompanied minor. The service gives a passenger faster booking service that is scheduled 60 days and two hours before the scheduled flight. The online check-in though is only available at limited airports, namely Reykjavik Keflavik, Iceland, Billund, Copenhagen and London Gatwick.


Light aircraft of the Iceland Express Airline requires a limited weight on baggage. Passengers are only allowed to have at least a carry-on bag that does not weigh more than 10 kg/22 lbs and checked baggage must not exceed the 20 kg44 lbs limit. In case your luggage exceeds the weight limit, you will be asked to pay the charge of GBP 8, EUR 11, or ISK 1,000 for every additional kg or 2 lbs. A passenger, though, is allowed to bring cameras, laptops, purse or any carry-on baggage to your cabin. Shopping items that are tax free such as souvenirs and novelties are also allowed. Other large equipment such as those for sports and infants may cost EUR 25.

Traveling Infants

Iceland Express Airline offers a lower fare-rate for infants who are within the newborn to two years of age limit. Certain traveling policies are observed when traveling such as that the infant must be at least two weeks old. An adult should only accompany two infants (6 month old to 2 years old). One infant will have to be on the adult's lap and the other will have a seat located just beside the adult. Other passengers or the crew is not allowed to carry any infant on board, but are allowed to offer assistance only. A car-type seat is allowed inside the plane as long as it has passed certain safety measures for traveling.


Under the Iceland Express definition, a minor is a child aging five to 15. If a minor is to travel alone, certain provisions are also observed. Security is tighter for a minor aged five but below twelve. The airline ensures both safety and security throughout the flight, including even before and after the actual flight. It is advisable that a minor is under the unaccompanied minor service of the airline, which costs EUR 30. Only the parent or the legal guardian of the minor is allowed to fill in a form for identification and other boarding pass information that is needed upon arrival at the airport and checking in. It is requested that the parent or the guardian must not leave the airport until the plane has already departed. Upon arrival, the minor is accompanied by a crew member from the time of checking in until the delivery of the child to the named guardian. The receiving guardian should present valid identification.

For minors age 12 to 15, they can travel as an adult or if you prefer, they can use the unaccompanied minor service.


Dogs and cats are the only pets allowed by Iceland Express Airline. Your pet/s should have the necessary permits and certificates in traveling that are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, and in accordance with the government's policies in pet traveling. Health certificates, vaccinations and other medical tests should be presented upon checking-in.

Your pet should be in a cage that is of durable material. The cage should be clean, not of any wooden material, disinfected, and strictly secured to prevent your pet from escaping. Your pet should be comfortable in it, with ventilations open and food and water supply secured.

Frequent Flyer Program

Since its operation in 2003, the Iceland Express airline has not yet offered any frequent flyer program.

In Flight Services

Iceland Express offers a sumptuous choice of food and drinks that are surprisingly low in price. They offer pillows and blankets, too.

Airlines Magazine

The airline has its Iceland Express Newsletter that clients can subscribe online, providing travel guides and other airline service information.

Airlines Alliances

The air alliance of Iceland Express Airline is the Star Airline, the world's biggest airline group.

Contact Information

For booking, reservation, flight details, baggage, or cargo services:

Denmark: 45-69918221
United Kingdom +440 (0) 1183218384
Iceland +3545500600
Germany at +496543507600
Sweden at +46 (0) 852500840
International contact number is +3545500600
Website: www.icelandexpress.com

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