Transavia is a Dutch low cost carrier mainly operating a fleet of modern Boeing 737's. It also is a partner with Air France-KLM group. The airline's trademark green and white color is a sign of the Transavia's steady growth in recent years. Its IATA code is HV while its ICAO code is TRA. Its Callsign is Transavia.

Flying Route

The main operational hubs of the airline are three of Netherlands largest cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eidenhoven. It also has a significant presence at Paris-Orly airport in France and Copenhagen airport in Denmark. The airline operates regularly scheduled and charter flights to tourist resorts in North Africa and all across Europe. It also serves more than 18 countries with frequent trips to Spain, Greece and Italy.


Transavia provides plenty of options to check-in. If your flight is originating from one of its five operational hubs, namely Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Eidenhoven, Paris or Amsterdam, then you may print an online boarding pass 24 to three hours prior to the departure of the flight. If that is not convenient, then various airport kiosks at Amsterdam and Copenhagen airports provide quick check-in. Travelers can also go to the check-in counters at any airport to get their boarding pass. Due to a very high demand and a long waiting list of customers wanting to embark on a chance flight, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time for check-in.


The luggage allowance for a traveler is one free handbag that should not exceed five kg/11 lbs in weight and has a dimension of less than 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21x14x10"). As for check-in luggage there is a restriction of 20 kg/44 lbs per passenger, except at some airports such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. There is an extra baggage allowance for children that allows parents to take 10 kg/22 lbs of baggage free of cost. If the originating flight is inside Netherlands, then passengers may be able to take extra luggage. You may want to discuss this with a travel agent or the airline, itself.

Traveling Infants

Transavia has very flexible policies for babies and infants. If a baby is less than 23 months, then they are allowed to travel on a guardian's lap by paying US$15 per segment. There is a ten kg/22 lbs baggage allowance for children that may even be 20 kg/44 lbs at some airports. Note that the airline policy prohibits premature infants or any baby less than seven days old to travel on board the flight. Due to limited room in the cabin, bassinets or strollers are not allowed inside the cabin but can easily be checked-in as a part of the free luggage allowance.


Other discounts are available for minors, who are classified as aged between five and 11. They may travel with an adult, such as a parent or a guardian with the parent's consent. For those travelling unaccompanied, certification as well as advanced booking is required. These bookings are not available on the internet, however. Youth, or those aged between 12 and 18, may also travel alone but are charged a fee of 50 EUR for the escort services that will be provided. Again, advance booking is essential for these types of travelers. Authorization papers and national IDs must be presented by minors.


Transavia offers to carry dogs and cats on board its flight. With some exceptions, these animals should be at least two months old. A passenger may take one pet in the cabin and two in the luggage hold. There is a fee for the transportation of these animals that primarily depends on the location of travel. Inside a cabin, the fee is around US$60 per segment whereas it increases to US$90 for animals in the cargo hold. Travelers with pets should make sure that their animals are locked inside the containers and do not evoke concern among fellow passengers. Information regarding pets should be made available 24 hours before the flight departure.

Frequent Flyer Program

At this point, Transavia does not have a loyalty program for its guests. As Transavia is a subsidiary of KLM and Air France, passengers who are interested in flying KLM or Air France should inquire about travel agreements with Transavia.

In Flight Services

The entertainment on Transavia airline starts with an assortment of quality items that can be bought on the flight. The airline also takes pride in its freshly served food. Ask them and they will be happy to offer something to your child.

Airline Magazines

Transavia plans to offer an in-flight magazine in near future. As for now, travelers may request newspapers and other magazines of interest.

Airlines Alliances

Transavia is a wholly owned subsidiary of KLM-Air France Group, but it does not have any formal alliance with any of these carriers.

Contact Information

The official website of the airline is www.transavia.com. Once you arrive at the home page, you are able to click on a flag of choice to have the site translated into the language of choice. You can either contact the booking office by filing out an online form or make an inquiry to the call center by dialing 352 270 027 28 from destinations outside Europe.

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