NIKI was established in the year 2003 and is based in Vienna, Austria. Niki Lauda took over Aero Lloyd, which was struggling, and established NIKI. It was originally called "flyniki". His goal was to establish a low-cost carrier. The first flight traveled to Tenerife from Vienna. Airline code for NIKI is FLYNIKI. In the year 2009, NIKI was awarded the "Airline of the Year 2009" in "Best Low Cost Airline" category; this survey was conducted by REISE and PREISE airline survey.


NIKI airlines has flights to major cities in Africa and Europe. Destinations in Egypt include the Hurghada International Airport, the Luxor Airport [seasonal] and the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport.

Destinations in Europe include Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


One need not worry about check-in as NIKI offers online check-in option. If a person has a valid ticket, he/she can check-in online two hours before departure. Other online options include quick check-in, MMS check-in and SMS seat reservation. If you have used the online check-in option, you may come to the airport at the time specified in the boarding pass.


The maximum weight for a checked baggage is 44 lbs for short, medium and long-haul flights. This policy changes for places where the two-piece luggage concept is applicable such as to the USA and Canada. Passengers are allowed a weight of 44 lbs checked baggage in business class. In the whole, the weight of both checked and cabin baggage should not exceed 70 lbs. If a person is going to stay for 28 days or more in a place or possesses a top bonus silver/gold or service card, free baggage allowance is 66 lbs for economy class and is 88 lbs for business class.

Dimensions of the cabin baggage should not exceed 22" x 16" x 8". Excess baggage fee ranges from 5 euros in domestic flights to 450 euros in international flights.


Children under the age of two years are not entitled to have a seat. An adult can take only one infant with him/her. If the child is under two years, 10% of the regular net fare has to be paid, and if inside Germany, it is free of charge. Child seat devices are not provided by the airlines; however, they allow the passenger themselves to carry the necessary child safety restraint systems. One condition is that these systems have to be certified. You can contact the service center for more information regarding child seat devices. If the baby is 12 months or below, airlines provide an infant cot, and no cost is involved for reserving it. Similarly, a diaper bag, baby bottle and bib are also provided for children less than 12 months. The only condition is that the infant cot will be provided depending on its availability.


A child less than two years of age has to be accompanied by either the parent or the legal guardian or with an adult (18 years or older). A child less than five years of age can be accompanied by a brother or sister who is 16 years old; however, the parent or guardian has to give a written declaration of consent. If a child is between five and 11 years of age and is not accompanied by a person of at least 16 years old, they are considered unaccompanied minors or UMNR. In such an instance, parents or guardians have to provide written declaration of consent.

Tickets for unaccompanied minors will definitely have to be booked only through the service centers. A processing fee of 40 euros for short and medium haul and 80 euros on long haul flights (3,000 miles and more) is charged for the carriage of an unaccompanied minor.

During check-in, a UMNR wallet is prepared for the child. This contains information like child's ticket, boarding pass, passport details, etc. The UMNR form is available online. One can fill in the required details and print it out. Five copies have to be printed.


Pets are allowed both in the cabin as well as in the cargo hold; however, this depends on the weight and the size of the animal. The container in which the pet is carried has to be leak-proof and escape-proof. If you have to carry your pet along with you, it has to be registered no less than 48 hours of the departure of the flight. Guide dogs are allowed in the cabin and no fee is charged for this service. No rodents are allowed to be carried in the flight.

Pets that are allowed in the flights are cats and dogs. To carry the pet in the cabin, the dimensions of the pet carrier have to be 22 x 16 x 8" and ensure there is enough ventilation for the pet to breathe. You have to pay 20e uros one way. This regulation is for pet that are 13 lbs and less. If a pet weighs more than 13 lbs, they have to be carried in the hold only. In such a case, a provision to feed the pets from outside the carrier has to be provided. A fee of 30 euros is charged for short and medium haul flights and 60 euros for long-haul flights.

Frequent flyer program:

NIKI's frequent flyer program is referred as its topbonus program. Three types of topbonus cards are available and they are namely, topbonus Classic, Silver and Gold Card. Benefits provided by these topbonus cards include priority check-in, free seat reservations, and much more. These cards are free of charge. However, the topbonus service card is not free. You have to pay an annual fee of 59 euros if paid online or through telephone and 69 euros if paid at the airport.

In-flight services:

Non-alcoholic drinks and sandwiches are served for all passengers. There are also a wide range of gourmet food items available that the passengers can order. The charges vary for each item. The price range for the gourmet items is between 7 euros and 11 euros. Outside the EU, alcoholic drinks are available. Gourmet food items can also be ordered online.

An on-board shop is available that passengers can utilize to purchase various gift items and souvenirs. The price range of these articles is anywhere between 2 euros and 200 euros.

Airline magazines:

A few free airline magazines are available on board including Seitenblicke Magazin, Wiener, Wienerin, and Miss.

Airline alliances

NIKI has a few airline alliances include airberlin, LTU, Belair, NIKI and LGW Walter.

Contact information:

NIKI has 24/7 customer care. People in the US can call at 866-266-5588 (toll free). Please visit NIKI for more information. One can call the same service number for inquiries related to the frequent flyer program. Online registration for frequent flyer program is also available.

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