Air Slovakia is the national carrier of the nation of Slovakia. Its headquarters is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The airline operates charter passenger flights as well as ACMI flights for various other European airlines. Air Slovakia is the oldest airline in operation in the nation of Slovakia. Their operations have continued undisrupted since 1993.


Air Slovakia is a relatively small airline when compared to international carriers such as British Airways or American Airlines. Air Slovakia covers a region limited to Asia and Europe. Popular destinations of Air Slovakia include India, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Air Slovakia offers charter passenger flights to these regions.


Air Slovakia has divided passenger classes into the travel class and business class. The baggage allowances for these classes differ. Passengers in Travel class are allowed not more than 48 lbs as check in baggage and 13 lbs as carry-on baggage. Passengers in business class are allowed a maximum of 66 lbs in check-in baggage and 18 lbs as carry-on baggage.

In flight Service

Air Slovakia passengers rate the quality of in flight service as first class. There are magazines and newspapers to keep you busy and Slovakian cuisine for the business class travelers. Other classes are offered complimentary snacks.

Airline Alliances

Air Slovakia flies to various destinations in Europe and Asia on an ACMI basis for several small airlines including Daalo Airlines, Bellview, Sky Europe, Thomas Cook and Air Mediterranean.

Contact Information

You can contact Air Slovakia and make reservations aboard any of their flights using their international call number +421 2 333 00 333 or email them at reservation@airslovakia.sk. Visit their websiteat AIR SLOVAKIA for more information. Frequent flyer club members are also requested to use the same numbers.

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