Pulkovo Airlines, more popularly known as Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, is an international and domestic airline that operates in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It operates from Pulkovo Airport and is owned by the state. It is one of the largest airlines in Russia and has recently merged with the State Transport Company. It now operates under the Rossiya brand.

Where Do They Fly?

Pulkovo Airlines is one of Russia's busiest airlines, providing many chartered and scheduled domestic and international destinations. You can fly from New Jersey, New York and Los Angeles in the United States. There are mostly European locations that are serviced by Pulkovo Airlines, namely Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, France, Netherlands and Germany, to name a few. Pulkovo has recently drafted destinations to Asia, flying to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Pulkovo has adopted separate baggage policies for its domestic and international flights. A standard allotment of 22 lbs is afforded for each seated passenger for all domestic destinations with no room for allowance. International flights are more flexible, with a 44 lbs luggage allotment and more freedom if you are enrolled in a frequent flier program. Children and adults share the same luggage privileges.

In-flight Service

Pulkovo has an outstanding in-flight program that offers complimentary gourmet meals and wine to its international passengers. You can sit back and relax while watching a movie or listening to classical music on high definition surround-sound headphones. There is a complimentary glass of wine, but if you want something in particular, several vintages of first class wine choices are available for purchase from your in flight steward.

Airline Alliances

In 2006, the Russia State Transport Company merged with Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, making it one of the largest airline companies in Russia. Pulkovo Airlines is now 100% state owned with an employee count of 7,000 employees, where 34% is devoted to international flights.

Contact Information

Pulkovo airlines has an email address of info@rossiya-airlines.com for travel arrangements from all over the world. You can visit PULKOVO for their official website.

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