Emirates Airlines is on of the largest airlines in the world. Based in Dubai, this airline is also considered as the country's flag carrier. Beginning with only two planes in 1985, Emirates Airlines now has more than 100 aircrafts. At present, Emirates Airlines gives its passengers high quality and ultra confortable flights at an affordable price.

Where Do They Fly

Emirates Airlines now has over 100 destinations worldwide in 62 countries including those in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North America.


Passengers can check in online two to 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure. For those with check-in bags, the check-in counters in airports remain open up until 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. For passengers with only carry-on baggage, they can check in up until 60 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.


Passengers are allowed on carryon bag weighing not more than 15 pounds and within 22x17x10 inches linear. Passengers traveling to and from Canada and the United States are allowed up to two check-in bags 62 in. or less weighing not more than 50 pounds. For passengers traveling to countries other than Canada and US, the maximum check-in baggage weight is only 20 pounds. Passengers with excess baggage are charged according to their destination.

Child Fares

Children may fly on some flights for 80% of the adult fare. Children flying unaccompanied must be a minimum of 5 years old.

Senior Fares

Emirates Airlines does not offer senior fares.


Emirates Airlines does not allow pets in the passengers' cabin but does allow the to travel in the hold. This policy totally depends the detination city or country's policy on traveling with pets. For more information, passengers are advised to call the airline before the schedule flight.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Emirates Airlines allow passengers carrying oversized baggage, or the baggage may be checked into the hold, carried into the cabin as carryon baggage, o stored in extra seats in the passengers' cabin.

In-Flight Service

Comfort, great service, and convenience is what Emirates Airlines in-flight service is all about. Emirates Airlines offers its passengers free hot meals and drinks in all flights and classes. They also offer audio/video on demand, email, sms, television, and telephone facilities.

Air Miles

Emirates Airlines is affiliated with the Skyward frequent flyer program. For young flyers, Emirates Airlines also offers the Skysurfers frequent flyer program.

Airline Food

Emirates Airlines offers its passengers meals that are weel thought out as well as great tasting. First class passengers enjoy habdmade pastries, wines, and first class cuisines while those in business class are given a five course meal. At Emirates, there's no such thing as flight accomodation discrimination as even the economy class passenges enjoy great and well planned foods.

In-Flight Magazine

Open Skies is the official Emirates in-flight magazine.

Airline Alliances

Emirates Airlines is currently not associated to any other airline.

Contact Information

Reservations: 800-777-3999.


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