Nok Air is an airline company founded in 2004. It is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and its major hub is located in Don Mueang International Airport. It is a low-cost airline that currently has a fleet size of four aircraft that flies to domestic destinations. It used to have international flights, including services to India and Vietnam, but those have been canceled recently. Its IATA code is DD, its ICAO code is NOK and its Callsign is Nok Air.

Flying Route

Nok Air flies to key cities in Thailand such as Bangkok where it serves its main hub, the Don Mueang International Airport. It also flies to Chiang Mai International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, Trang Airport, Phuket International Airport and Udon Thani International Airport. They also have flights to Hua Hin, Pai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai, operated by SGA.


Nok Air has a telephone check-in service. However, this is only available for passengers who travel do not have baggage to be checked. This should be done around two hours to 45 minutes before the flight schedule by calling 1318 and then 4. The service is open from 4am to 8pm (+0700 UTC) daily. Passengers are also advised to be at the departure gates 30 minutes before the scheduled flight. Check-in may also be done at different airport check-in counters.

Nok Air also offers its "Nok Air Check and Shop" service. After check-in, passengers have the option to shop around for their favorite products while waiting for the departure time. Check-in must be done an hour and ten minutes before the scheduled flight but should not be over two hours.


Passengers of Nok Air are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance, depending on the class you belong to. For Nok Eco passengers, a maximum weight allowance of 15kg/33 lbs is given. Nok Flexi and Nok Plus passengers get 20kg/44 lbs and 30kg/66 lbs of free checked baggage allowance, respectively.

Presently, Nok Air does not allow passengers to bring baggage in excess of the free allowance. However, they may allow this to some provided that a fee of THB 50 (US$1.50) is paid per kilogram. They may also not allow some baggage to be transported if its weight, shape or size deemed unsuitable.

Hand baggage is also allowed but must not go beyond 7kg/15 lbs per person. Unchecked baggage is also the same and must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead storage compartment.

Traveling Infants

Children below two years old may travel along with an adult free of charge as long as they sit on the adult's lap. For safety purposes, only one infant is allowed per adult. Otherwise, if they want a seat for the baby, they have to get a seat reserved in advance and adult fare charges apply.

Infants under 14 days old are only allowed to travel depending on Nok Air's discretion. Further inquiries regarding infant travel may also be done by calling their reservations office. One may also visit Nok Air's ticketing booths for other queries.


Nok Air defines its "passengers" as those who are older than two years. For minors, a seat must be reserved in advance and the tickets would cost the same as the applicable adult fare.

Nok Air does not give special service for unaccompanied minors since children below 12 years old are not allowed to travel alone. However, the cabin crew is always ready to help should there be any special needs required.

Other inquiries regarding travelling with minors may be asked through Nok Air's reservations office or by calling them at 1318 or +662-900-9955. One may also email them at the contact page in their website.


Dogs and cats are the only pets allowed on board. Owners must ensure that their pets are healthy, clean, harmless and odorless and must be contained in special crates. An animal placed in a container may be accepted as special baggage and a charge of THB 200 (US$6.00) must be paid per animal. A free allowance of 15kg/33 lbs is given and an additional payment of THB 200 (US$6.00 ) is charged for excess weight.

The containers must also be large enough so that the animal can sit or lie down comfortably. It must also not have leaks and must be suitable for air travel.

Frequent Flyer Program

Nok Air does not seem to have a frequent flyer program. But, being a low-cost airline, it does offer its passengers a lot of travel deals to different destinations in Thailand. This may be checked out through their website and reservations may also be done online or by calling their office.

In Flight Services

Nok Air passengers may buy their drinks on board through the Nok Air In-flight Service. Items may be paid in US dollars but no credit cards are accepted on board.

Airlines Magazine

Nok Air offers its passengers various in-flight magazines including JIBjib. The magazine is also being distributed at their ticketing booths.

Airlines Alliances

Nok Air does not have any airline alliance. However, some of its flights are being operated by SGA (Siam General Aviation) Airlines, a regional airline in Thailand.

Contact Information

Reservations may be made by calling Nok Air at 1318 or +662-900-9955. Further inquiries will also be answered by calling this number. One may also check out www.nokair.com for more details and information. Other concerns may also be addressed by emailing them through the contact page found on their website.

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