China Northern Airlines was founded in June 1990 as a successor to the former Swan Airlines. In its first decade the transport capacity of China Northern Airlines increase greatly achieving a total cargo rotation of 4882 million ton/km, and a passenger transportatin volume of 36.3 million people, and the post carriage volume of 598100 tons. In that same time period, China Northern's profits rose steadily as well. China Northern's fleet numbers 36 airplanes, including the Airbus A300, the Airbus A320, the McDonnell-DOuglass MD-80, MD-82

Where Do They Fly

China Northern Airlines is based at Taoxian International Airport in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. Aside from its main hub in Shenyang, it also has three auxiliary hubs in Changchun, Harbin, and Sanya. Flights include several domestic routes within China and international flights to Seoul, Korea and Tokyo Japan.


China Northern passengers should check-in at least 60 to 90 minutes prior to departure on domestic flights and two to three hours prior to departure on International flights. Keep in mind that the check-in counter normally closes 30 minutes prior to departure


Weight allowances for checked bags are 20 kg (44 lbs) for economy class passengers, 30 kg (66 lbs) for business class passengers, and 40 kg (88 lbs) for first class passengers. Each first class passenger is allowed two carryon pieces and business and economy class passengers are limited to one piece only. Unchecked baggage is limited to 5 kg in total weight and 20cm x 40cm x 55cm in dimension for each piece.

Child Fares

Children under 12 but over two years of age pay 50% of adult fare. Infants under two years of age not occupying a seat and accompanied by an adult pay 10% of the adult fare. Only one discounted infant fare will be granted for each adult fare. An unaccompanied child occupying a separate seat is required to pay 50% of the adult fare.

Senior Fares



Dogs, cats and caged birds may be transported in the cargo area if accompanied by proper health certifications.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Passengers are allowed a certain amount of free baggage allowance on checked baggage which they may apply to special equipment such as sporting equipment, surf boards, bicycles, musical instruments and medical equipment. Passengers should contact the airline for specific inquiries on these allowances as they may vary according to flight and passenger class.

In-Flight Service

In-flight services vary by passenger class, however, service generally includes boarding and safety information, basic first aid, food and beverage service and some form of entertainment and reading material provided to pass the time on most long flights.

Air Miles

Sky Pearl CLub is China Northern Airlines frequent flyer program.

Airline Food

Menus on board are prepared by a native Chinese chef. Food is divided into vegetarian, non-vegetarian, religious, and healthy meals. The airline also offers special children and infant special meals.

In-Flight Magazine


Airline Alliances

China Northern Airlines currently has air alliances with China Southern Airlines and Skyteam.

Contact Information

Fax: 008502-817629

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