SAS Braathens is the largest airline in Norway and was brought about by the merger of two airline magnates, Scandinavian Airlines' Norwegian Department and Braathens in the late 2004. So far, this alliance has created a strong competence, with SAS Braathens leading the market as Norway's top air travel provider.

Where Do They Fly?

SAS Braathens is Norway's busiest airline providing several chartered and scheduled domestic flights and select international flights to neighboring countries in Europe. Norway has a mountainous terrain, which is why most Norwegians prefer air travel for local destinations. Braathens flies to several locations in Europe such as London, Paris and most major business destinations in the United Kingdom.


SAS Braathens keeps a strict luggage policy for most of its flights. Each seat has its allotted 22 lbs luggage allowance with additional weight of up to 33 lbs possible for a one time additional fee. Pets are not considered luggage and have their own baggage clause. The same luggage appropriation values apply to both adults and children. International flights have a luggage allowance of up to 44 lbs.

In-flight Service

SAS Braathens has a wonderful customer service program and great amenities that passengers can enjoy in-flight. There is a complimentary meal for select domestic flights, depending on the travel distance but an in-flight video and music is available for all. Complimentary drinks are given to passengers, but alcohol is bought from the flight steward.

Airline Alliances

Scandinavia Air and Braathens fused in 2004 creating SAS Braathens. This was the biggest airline merger ever to happen in Norwegian history. Aside from this, most international SAS Braathens flights have an air alliance with KLM.

Contact Information

SAS Braathens has a website at BRAATHENS. Braathens' telephone number is 4767597000 and fax number 47 67 59 70 10 for inquiries and reservations, both international and domestic.

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