The British airline Flybe Limited has its headquarters at the England airport, Exeter International Airport. The airline operates mainly within Europe having almost 180 routes within the continent. This airline began operations in 1979 as Jersey European Airways and now has destination in 55 major European airports. Flybe's IATA code is BE, its ICAO code is BEE and its Callsign is Jersey. The airline continues to grow. Look out for additional destinations covered by this excellent airline company; they will soon be flying to a city near you!

Flying Route

Flybe Limited's scheduled flights are limited to the continent of Europe where the company has about 55 major destinations. Flybe Limited flies to the Salzburg, Austria; Brussels, Belgium; Split, Croatia; Bordeaux, France; Frankfurt, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Faro, Portugal; Alicante, Spain; and Geneva, Switzerland among many other major cities within Europe.


Flybe offers passengers online check-in services. The online check-in services are open from 36 to one hour before the flight. You can choose the seat you want and print out the boarding card that will be shown at the end of the check-in process as confirmation. The online check-in service by Flybe is available in all UK airports that Flybe flights arrive at and depart from. There are some airports, however, that have yet to adopt the system. If you are flying Flybe from outside the UK to a destination outside the UK, you may not be able to use these services. Baggage must be checked in at the check-in desk.


Baggage policies on Flybe flights vary with the class of the passenger. Economy class fliers are allowed 10kg/22 lbs for carry-on baggage and 30kg/66 lbs for checked in baggage. The baggage is checked in free of charge.

Excess baggage is carried only is if there is sufficient space for other luggage that has not exceeded the limit. Charges for excess luggage vary, but are usually GBP 10 for every exceeding kg within the first three kg and GBP 15 for four to six kg and GBP 20 thereafter.

Baggage such as stroller, prams, infant seats and car seats are transported free of charge.

Traveling Infants

Flybe permits infants to travel on the lap of an accompanying adult. This is the regulation for landing and taking-off. You may carry a car seat for the infant. However, the car seat must meet the criteria set by Flybe. To find out more about this, contact the Flybe customer call center. You will be given a booking reference number. You will, however, have to pay for the seat at the same rate as an adult. The car seat should be checked in as baggage before boarding the flight. Only infants between the ages of six months and two years will be allowed to travel in a car seat.


Children aged between the ages of six and 11 years are allowed to travel unaccompanied aboard a Flybe flight. There is, however, a supervisory fee of GBP 32 for each child in every class. Flybe flights have a set limit on the number of unaccompanied minors they can carry at a time. You must therefore be sure to check with the flight before reserving a seat for the minor.

Tickets for unaccompanied minors cannot be reserved via the online booking service. You will also be unable to change the details of a reservation for a minor using the call center. You will have to contact your agent or the airline directly for any changes or reservations.

Flybe will require the contact information of the person bringing the minor to the airport and that of the person claiming the minor at the destination of the flight.


Flybe allows passengers to travel with their pets. If you intend to travel with your pet, you ought to inform the airline well before the flight. This will enable the Flybe staff to check if the flight will be suitable for travelling with an animal. You should therefore let them know a minimum of seven days before your planned date of travel. There are specific flights that pets can be carried on.

Your must obtain a veterinary health certificate. This certificate should be obtained not more than two days before the date of your departure. Quarantine release certificates must be provided for animals that have lived outside the UK for more than 12 months.

Frequent Flyer Program

The Flybe frequent flyer program is known as Rewards4all. This incentive scheme is low cost and is open to all Flybe passengers. The program does not discriminate between business and economy class. Customers earn points each time they fly Flybe and can redeem their points for various rewards from the airline.

In Flight Services

Drinks and food on board Flybe flights are offered on a buy on board policy. The price of food and drinks are therefore not included in the ticket price.

Airlines Magazine

TACA's in-flight magazine is known as EXPLORE Magazine. It offers information about TACA destinations, fashion, art, music and world news.

Airlines Alliances

Flybe Limited code shares with British Airways and Brussels Airlines. The airline works in partnership with American Airlines, TAP, BMI, Emirates Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Northwest, Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air.

Contact Information

Flybe Limited can be contacted via the website at www.flybe.com. Here you can reach a customer care agent if you find you have any queries. You can also leave a question in the Q and A section to be answered later. If you prefer to talk directly with a representative of Flybe, call 0871 700 200. The call is charged at 10p for every minute. Use the same number for questions about the frequent flyer program Rewards4all.

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