Alitalia is an Italian airline headquartered in Rome from where it operates services domestically as well as to international destinations. It is the world's 19th largest airline as per its fleet size and has its main hub at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome. It has now merged with Air One with the name Alitalia continuing to be used for the merged entity. Its IATA code is AZ, the ICAO code is AZA and its Callsign is Alitalia.

Flying Route

Alitalia flies to 74 destinations including 25 domestic destinations in Italy, and makes 2,500 flights per week. It operates flights from six airports in Italy which are Rome, Turin, Milan, Naples, Venice and Catania. It offers round trip flights to destinations in Italy and some places in Europe, which is very convenient for business travelers. It has flights to all continents.


Alitalia has a fast check-in facility at certain airports where checking in can be completed in just a minute. To take advantage of this service, however, you need to be a member of MileMiglia or have the credit card you used to book the ticket for that flight. You can check-in for up to four persons at a time. A facility for web check-in is also available for passengers who have booked their tickets online. Check-in times depend on the place where you are boarding and in some countries may be as much as three hours in advance of the flight time. For flights within Italy, the check-in times are 35 minutes before the flight for domestic flights and may go up to one hour for intercontinental flights.


Hand baggage is limited to 5 kg/11 lbs with dimensional restrictions. Checked-in luggage weight is restricted to 23kg/50 lbs to 32 kg/70 lbs per piece and two pieces of luggage are allowed per passenger. Weight is restricted to 20 kg/44 lbs for economy and 30 kg/66 lbs for business class passengers on domestic flights. Any weight above this has to be paid for, at rates that vary from 10 Euros to 30 Euros per kg depending on the destination you are travelling to. Extra pieces of baggage are charged per number as well as for weight, with rates up to US$150 per number and 50 Euros per kg of weight.

Traveling Infants

Infants below the age of two have to travel with an adult who has the legal responsibility for the child. They cannot occupy a seat and are charged as per prevailing rates for infants. A cot on board is available for the use but has to be booked in advance along with the ticket. The cots have to be returned at the end of the flight. Passengers can carry their own cots subject to restrictions of space. Cots larger than the size restrictions will have to be put in the cargo hold.


Minors between the ages of 5 and 13 can travel without an adult and have to be specially booked. This booking can be done in the US at 1-800-223-5730. During this booking procedure, the name of the person who will be with the minor and who will escort him at the airport from where he will be departing, as well as the name of the person who will claim the child at the destination airport have to be indicated. Within the airports and on the flight, the responsibility for the unaccompanied minor will be taken by the staff of Alitalia or any of their partners who operate the flight. Some of these carriers may have different rules and age ranges so this is best confirmed at the time of booking.


Cats and dogs travelling on Alitalia must have a passport issued by a vet, which certifies the health of the animal and the vaccinations it has received. It also needs to carry a name tag or identification device. Pets less than three months old are not allowed to travel on flights as they would not have received any anti-rabies vaccinations at that age. Some countries have restrictions on pets in the cabin. Guide dogs can travel free of charge, whereas other pets need to be paid for. Pets in the cabin have to pay charges of 20 to 130 Euros depending on the place they are travelling to. This ticket price includes a cage and food.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flier program is called MilleMiglia, and miles can be earned while flying Alitalia or any of its partner airlines. Miles are also accumulated on booking of hotels and other facilities with Alitalia or its partners. The accumulated miles can be used to get tickets on Alitalia or other designated airlines, as well as to upgrade to Business Class. You can also donate the miles to certain charities.

In-Flight Services

Special dietary or other restrictions can have the passenger opting to be served special meals during the flight. This, of course, requires advance notice to the airline. Alitalia uses special techniques to reduce noise in the cabin. Alitalia allows the use of certain electronic devices like PCs and similar instruments while the aircraft is on the ground and with doors open. The use during the flight is restricted and may require you to receive permission of the flight staff.

Airlines Magazine

Alitalia has a monthly flight magazine called the Ulisse. Besides facts and figures about their own activities, Ulisse has articles of cities and destinations that the airline flies to, giving a lot of information that is helpful to tourists and travelers.

Airlines Alliances

A Sky Team alliance set up in 2000 consists of Alitalia, Aeroflot, Air France, Northwest, Korean Air, KLM, Czech Airlines, Delta, Continental and China Southern. This alliance has 16,786 daily flights to 905 destinations in 169 countries.

Contact Information

Alitalia has its website at www.alitalia.com. It has offices and agents all over the world to wherever Alitalia has flights. In the United States they have ticket offices in New York, Miami, Boston and Chicago. Their frequent flier program is known as MilleMiglia and in the United States, information can be obtained by contacting 1-800-223-5730. This toll free number number can also be used for any reservations.

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