Founded in 1946, the Aloha Airlines (IATA-AQ, ICAO-AAH) had served as an American airline with its main hub at Honolulu International Airport, servicing flights to North America, Canada, and Kiribati. The airline had its good share of successes and failures in commercial aviation. But the soaring fuel prices and severe fare competition with other airlines proved too much for the airline. In 2008, Aloha Airlines filed for bankruptcy and ceased all its operations after many years of service.

Where do they fly

Aloha Airlines served its flights to the United States of America that included the following: California (Burbank, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, and Santa Ana), Hawaii (Hilo, Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, and Lihue), Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno), Canada (Vancouver), and Kiribati (Kiritimati).


Passengers on mainland or transpacific flights were required to check-in two (2) hours before their scheduled flights and recommended to be at the boarding gate thirty (30) minutes prior to their flights. For passengers on inter-island flights, they were asked to check-in ninety (90) minutes before their flights and be at the boarding area no later than fifteen (15) minutes prior to their flights. Passengers who failed to follow the said requirements would be denied boarding the flight and their tickets would be forfeited without compensation. However, rescheduling fees plus difference in fare would apply accordingly. Passengers could also check-in through the Aloha Airlines official website.


Each passenger on Aloha Airlines was allowed two checked baggage that would not exceed the weight limit of 50 lbs per bag or go beyond the size limit of 62 linear inches. For each passenger, also one carry on item that would not exceed 20 lbs would be permitted plus one personal item such as a purse or laptop. A bag that exceeded 70 lbs would not be accepted by the airline. Furthermore, any excess in baggage in terms of weight and size would be subject to additional charges. Passengers were asked to contact the Reservations Department for the corresponding fees.


Aloha Airlines would allow two infants, who were under two years of age, for every adult passenger. Seat reservation for an infant should be booked only through the Aloha Airlines Reservations Call Center. An infant occupying a seat should pay the regular adult airfare. However, an infant passenger could travel free of charge when sitting on the lap of an adult passenger who was at least 18 years old. Yet, in this case, one adult passenger would be allowed one infant only. A proof of age would be required. Otherwise, the infant would need to occupy a separate seat and pay a full fare.


A child passenger who is five years old and above would only be allowed to travel as an unaccompanied minor and its minor policies would apply accordingly. On the other hand, passengers who were at least 15 years old could travel with Aloha Airlines alone. Parents or guardians would need to make a request of unaccompanied minor special handling by contacting the Aloha Airlines Reservations Call Center. During check-in procedure, a parent or guardian would need to complete the unaccompanied form, requiring the name, address and phone number of the parents or guardians who would meet the child at his or her destination.


Aloha Airlines did not offer to transport pets between the Hawaiian Islands and the U.S. Mainland, or between U.S. Mainland cities. However, Aloha offered to transport domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles and household birds within the State of Hawaii only. Pets should be placed in a secure and leak-proof container. One pet per container policy was implemented, and owners were asked to make sure that their pets should be harmless and odorless. Also, pets would be permitted as carry-on or checked baggage. Pets traveling as checked baggage would not be considered as part of the passenger's free baggage allowance.

Frequent Flyer Program

AlohaPass was the Frequent Flyer Program of Aloha Airlines offering discounts and special privileges for each qualifying members. Surprising rewards would include great discounts on hotels, fine dining, and entertainment awards.

In-Flight Services

Aside from Aloha's special menu and beverages, passengers could enjoy in-flight videos offering viewers a preview to the unique life on the Islands, followed by a latest feature film.

Airline Magazines

The Spirit of Aloha was the airline's in-flight magazine. Passenger flying with Aloha Airlines would enjoy beautiful stories and informative articles on travels and about Hawaii's customs and traditions.

Air Alliance

Aloha Airlines once had codeshare agreements with Island Air and United Airlines.

Contact Information

For reservations and flight information the phone number was 1 (800) 367-5250 (USA and Canada). For Oahu only, one could call 484-1111. For AlohaPass (Frequent Flyer Club) questions, the number to call was (800) 252-5642. Their website had been ALOHA

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