Air India, the 16th largest airline founded and based in Asia is India's national flag carrier offering domestic and international flights. They offer theor passengers three different in-flight accommodations: first class, executive class, and ecomony class. Aside from ensuring their passenger's confort during the flight, Air India also offers departure lounges such as the New York maharaja ounge found in the JFK Airport.

Where Do They Fly

Air India offers 11 daily destinations in India as well as 28 worldwide destinations. With its affiliate carriers, Air India is able to serve 100 international cities. Today, Air India makes stop on the four major continents of America, Africa, Europe, and Asia


Air India offers its passengers six check-in options including I check-in, Tele check-in, self check-in, city check-in, through check-in, and return check-in.


Air India also offers free baggage allowance to its passengers. The free baggage weight allowance is determined according to the passenger's flight class.

Child Fares

Child fares are offered to passengers traveling on economy class in domestic sectors. Infants and children are respectively given a 90% and 50% discount from the basic fare.

Senior Fares

Air India offers a senior citizens discount to passengers flying in economy class on domestic flights. These passengers are given a 45% discount off the basic fare.


Pets are allowed in the passenger cabin as long as they are trained and considered as non-threatening. Passengers with guide dogs are instructed to properly restrain their pets as well as put moisture pads beneath them. Pets are not allowed to share or occupy passenger seats.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

Passengers carrying oversized baggage that weighs within the free baggage allowance weight but measures beyond the linear dimensions are charged a flat charge fee. Oversized baggage measuring beyond the linear dimension of 203 cm is not considered as a part of the free baggage allowance. It will then be considered as excess baggage and treated as such.

In-Flight Service

Air India offers its passengers various programs to enjoy including audio or video facilities. TV monitors are located in each front seat with attached earphones allowing passengers to enjoy videos and movies more fully. The video entertainment facility offers the passengers to choose from six channels that have Bollywood, Hollywood, Leisure, Comedy, Music, and DVD shows and movies. Passengers who wish to know more about the flight can make inquiries from the moving map such as the destination route, distance and altitude.

Air Miles

Air India offers their passengers the Flying Returns air miles frequent flyer program.

Airline Food

Air India offers its passengers a variety of cuisines. Hotel chains such as the Taj Group cater the majority of the in-flight food. Air India also offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods as well as catering to the needs of those that need special meals such as children and Jain.

In-Flight Magazine

Namaskaar is Air India'a in-flight magazine offered to passengers

Airline Alliances

Air India is a member of the Air India Express alliance.

Contact Information

Air India has offices in the cities and countries that are included in their destination flights.

Main office address: Air-India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021, India
Website:Air India

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