Where Do They Fly

Air France flies to over 500 destinations in the world departing from Canada and Charles de Gaulle Airport to Eastern, Southern and Central Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Check-in must be done 60 minutes before departure on all long haul flights, 30 minutes on all short haul flights and 40 minutes on North African flights. For same day return trips, passengers need to check in only once if they do not have luggage.

Internet check-in can be done 30 hours prior to flight when ticket is purchased.


The flight class and destination of your flight will determine baggage weight and can be determined when making your booking or it can be done online. An additional fee will be charged for extra and overweight baggage

Child Fares

Young children under two fly free only when sitting on an adult's lap and fare prices are applicable if the child will occupy a seat. Children under 12 years are given a 25% discount on fares.

Senior Fares

There are no discounts for seniors on Air France.


Dogs and cats weighing less than 6kg (13.2lbs) including the container may be transported in the cabin as long as the carrier adheres to specific specifications. They may not be removed from the carrier during the flight. All guide dogs of any weight may be in the cabin and large dogs can be transported in the hold in a kennel which adheres to certain specifications. Pets must be prepared for the flight by giving them a sedative under a vet's supervision. Air France reservations will arrange for the transport of your pet while Air France cargo must transport large animals.

Carrying Oversized Baggage (Musical Instruments, Strollers, etc.)

A baby stroller may be transported in the cabin on the condition that it will fit in the overhead compartment and if not, airline officials will stow it in onboard and will have it ready at the door when you disembark. Small musical instruments may be transported in the cabin but bulky or fragile instruments will have to be transported on a seat and they may not exceed 75kg in weight.

In-Flight Service

All classes offer AVOD (audio video systems on demand), which features various channels of audio videos, music and games. Complimentary meals and a selection of beverages will be served to passengers on all flights.

Air Miles

Passengers can earn frequent flyer miles on the Flying Blue program when flying with Air France.

Airline Food

On short haul flights sandwiches, small snacks and a selection of beverages will be served to passengers while the long haul flight menu includes two ready-made meal choices and complimentary champagne for all classes.

In-Flight Magazine

Air France Airline's magazine is a bi-lingual informative magazine. You will enjoy reading the articles on various topics including current affairs. The magazine is also available in VIP lounges and at all boarding points.

Airline Alliances

Air France currently has an airline alliance with Sky Team Alliance.

Contact Information

Air France Website : www.airfrance.ca
Telephone Sales: 1800 667 2747

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