Afriqiyah Airways is an airline based in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. Formed as recently as 2001, the airline strives to become the "Airline of Africa" from its base at Tripoli International Airport. It currently serves destinations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. By the end of 2009, Afriqiyah aims to carry a million passengers for the year, for the first time.


Afriqiyah concentrates its flights on regional international routes into and out of Tripoli, in particular with regular services to Dusseldorf, London, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Geneva in Europe; Jeddah and Dubai in the Middle East; and most major destinations in Africa, including Cairo, Dakar and Accra. The airline is embarking on ambitious expansion with new flights added to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Beijing, Manila and Guangzhou all planned for late 2009.


Allowances are very generous, with a total of 106 lbs across two bags permitted for the hold for each passenger.

In-flight Service

In-flight service varies depending on the length of flight. Short-haul flights have snacks and drinks available. For longer flights, depending on the aircraft, there may be seat-back in-flight entertainment provided for all passengers (in the new Airbus A320s), as well as a meal-service and reclining seats. Flights are usually operated in three-class configurations.

Airline Alliances

Afriqiyah Airways is not a member of any frequent flyer airline alliances, though as a member of the Arab Air Carrier's Association, it could become part of a new airline alliance in the future, if AACA's plans for greater integration between its members is realized.

Contact Information

The airline's website is AFRIQIYAH, which enables the user to view its homepage in several different languages. As the airline does not serve the US, it has no US contact details, though the main International office is based in Cologne, Germany. The website allows the user to email this office directly or to reach them by phone using the number +49-180-500 52 00.

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