Germanwings is one of the most famous low-cost airlines based in Cologne, Germany. Its usual passengers are the bargain-hunting travelers who want to experience quality flights at a low cost. The airline is now under the complete control of Lufthansa.

Germanwings is considered as one of the safest in the aviation industry. Its state-of-the-art aircrafts operate at world class standards.

Germanwings' IATA Code is 4U, its ICAO Code is GWI and its Callsign is Germanwings.


Germanwings flies to 67 destinations in Europe. Routes include Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


Germanwings offers online check-in that starts 24 hours before the flight departure. Online check-in closes three hours before the flight for international fights. However, those who are departing from a German Airport can check-in online up to one hour before the flight.

Those who checked-in online and are only bringing hand luggage can go directly to the gate. Those with special luggage should check-in at the counters for all baggage to undergo security check. Those with luggage who have already checked-in online will have to register checked luggage at the airport.


If a passenger checks-in more than 44 lbs of luggage, an additional fee is charged depending on his destination. Those with more than 66 lbs of luggage will be charged with a pre-determined flat-rate excess baggage surcharge. All baggage should not exceed 110 lbs in total weight and 70 lbs for the weight of each piece. Otherwise, these bags will not be accepted for check-in.

All hand-carried baggage should not exceed 22 x 16 x 8" in overall dimensions. Heavier items should be surrendered at the baggage counter for check-in. For security reasons, hazardous or any potentially dangerous items such as knives or toy guns are not allowed to be carried inside the aircraft.


Children under two years old can sit on the lap of a fare-paying passenger and will be allowed to travel at a flat-rate fee of 15 Euros. For German flights, the fee is 17.85 Euros, including 19% VAT. This does not give the infant a right to a seat or baggage allowance. An infant can be booked online or personally at Germanwings. You may choose to book a separate seat for the child to be seated in a safe child seat (in this case, the child have purchased his own seat) or book the child to sit on your lap with a loop belt.


Germanwings offers an unaccompanied minor service for children aged five to 11 who are traveling alone. The airline advises parents and guardians to call Germanwings' contact center to book this service. Bookings over the internet will not be accepted. The service fee for the unaccompanied minor will be paid exactly at the time of booking.

Be informed that there are countries that require special entry and exit provisions especially for children who are traveling alone. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide all the necessary documents that will be given to the appropriate national authorities.


Be reminded that the airline transports dogs and cats only. These animals should not weigh more than 18 lbs and the kennel where it is placed should be completely locked, bite proof and watertight for the animal to be accepted on-board. The animal's kennel should not exceed 18 x 14 x 8" in dimensions. The overall weight of the animal including its kennel should not exceed 18 lbs. Otherwise, it will not be accepted inside the aircraft.

Passengers traveling with a guide dog should book reservations with the airline. Because only one guide dog per flight is accommodated, this service is on a first come first serve basis.

Frequent Flyer Program

Germanwings' frequent flyer program is called the Boomerang Club. It rewards passengers with bonus miles every time they travel with the airline. The registration alone rewards you with 1,000 miles. Collect only 24,000 miles and you will be rewarded with a free flight to your next destination. Exclusive offers and bonus miles are also given by the airline's partners.

In-Flight Service

Food and beverages are available for purchase on-board. Snacks and full range menus are available and can be paid for by cash or by credit card. Germanwings has comfortable seats that are sure to give a relaxing flight to all passengers.

Airline Magazines

The Germanwings magazine is published every month, and has informative articles on travel, technology, lifestyle and health.

Airline Alliances

Germanwings is not a member of any air alliance.

Contact Information

For general inquiries or questions on the Boomerang Club (frequent flyer program), you may contact Germanwings at 0906 294 1918 (06:00- 24:00 hrs CEST).

Complete list of contact information can be found at GERMANWINGS

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