Bahrain Air is the second national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It started its operation in February 2008. This airline offers low-cost fares to its customers of both premium and economy class. Its fleet consists of eight Airbus A320 and A 319 aircrafts. It serves various destinations in Middle East, Africa and Indian sub-continent.

Bahrain Air's IATA code is 2B, its ICAO code is BAB and the Call sign is BAHRAIN AIR

Where do they fly?

Bahrain Air serves sixteen destinations in the Middle East, Africa and Indian sub-continent. Its major destinations in India are Mumbai, Kochi, Kathmandu and Kozhikode (Calicut). In the Middle East, the major destinations served by Bahrain Air are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, and Beirut. In Africa, the major destinations served are Aleppo and Alexandria.


As per the check-in policy of Bahrain Air, the passengers have to check-in at the airport three hours prior to the scheduled departure time. The check-in counters closes one hour before the scheduled departure time, so passengers should always allocate sufficient time for the check-in process. At the time of check-in, the passengers get a baggage receipt for each bag checked-in. This receipt should be retained until they get the delivery of their baggage at the final destination. Each checked-in bag will have a tag affixed to it with the details of the flight number and the destination port.


As per Bahrain Air baggage policy, the economy class passengers are allowed to carry 44 lbs and the business class passengers are allowed to carry 66 lbs of luggage as a check-in bag. Infants traveling on a lap are also allowed 22 lbs of luggage to be checked-in free of cost. The passengers can carry excess baggage by paying an additional charge as per the rules of the airlines. The maximum weight allowed per piece for check-in baggage is 70 lbs and the maximum permitted dimension of the bag should be 63".

The carry-on baggage allowance is a single piece of hand luggage for both economy and business class passengers. The maximum weight of the bag should not exceed 15 lbs and the maximum dimension of the bag should be 22x16x8".


A child less than 24 months is considered an infant. Bahrain Air does not allow travel of infants less than 15 days. Only one infant per adult is allowed to travel with the airlines. The maximum number of infants allowed per flight should not exceed ten. Infant fare is charged at the rate of 20% of the applicable adult fare. Most of the airlines allow an infant to be transported on an adult's lap. In cases where a separate seat is booked for an infant, the child fare is applicable. Check with the reservation office about the rules and fare applicable while traveling with an infant.


A child between the ages of five to 12 traveling without an adult is considered an unaccompanied minor. Bahrain Air does not provide the service of unaccompanied minor travel to its passengers.


Bahrain Air allows pets such as dogs, cats and household birds to be transported in a proper carrier (as per the legal requirement) with a valid health and vaccination certificate. The passengers traveling with pets are also required to carry the entry permit and necessary documents required by countries of entry or transit. If any of the criteria were not met, Bahrain Air would not allow the carriage of the pets. If the pets (along with carriage and food) were checked-in as baggage, then irrespective of the free baggage allowance, the excess baggage fee would be applicable.

Bahrain Air allows carriage of service animals free of cost in addition to the free baggage allowance. The passengers should check with the airlines for the rules pertaining to the carriage of such animals while booking tickets.

Frequent Flyer Program

Currently, Bahrain Air does not offer any frequent flyer program or perks associated with traveling by its flight.

In-Flight Services

Bahrain Air offers a wide variety of meals and beverages for its Premium class passengers. Economy class passengers can purchase the same onboard at an additional cost. As part of in-flight entertainment, it also offers audio and video program for its passengers in English, Arabic and Malayalam.

Airline Magazines

Bahrain Air offers an in-flight retail magazine providing information about the items available for purchase onboard.

Air Alliances

Bahrain Air does not have an air alliance with other airlines.

Contact Information

The head office of the airline is located at:
Mohamed Centre,
151 Road No.44, Arad 243
Kingdom of Bahrain

The customers can contact the airlines for reservation and flight information through their call center, which operates 365 days a year from 8 am to 11 pm (local time), and the number is: +973 17 506060.

The website of Bahrain Air is BAHRAIN AIR

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